UCU’s Professor Nyende Publishes Comprehensive 300-Page Book: A Must-Read for all Bible scholars

Prof Nyende publishes book

By Jimmy Siyasa

A Q&A about the book

Tell us about the book in summary

The book, entitled 299-page book titled The Restoration of God’s Dwelling and Kingdom is published by Langhams Publishing. It is a reading of the Bible as an integrated whole from Genesis to Revelation. Starting from Genesis, the books of the Bible are read together as a unified whole, i.e. as one book.

From Genesis, I establish that God created the world to be a part of his kingdom and his dwelling with human beings. However, God’s creative intentions were disrupted when humans rebelled against God (in the event that is commonly known as the fall).

I, therefore, trace through the Old Testament the story of the way God acted to restore the world to his kingdom and to be his dwelling with humans. This story comes to a conclusion in the New Testament with the promise of the new Jerusalem coming down. At that time, the world will once again become a part of God’s kingdom and his dwelling with human beings.

Prof Nyende publishes book
Prof Nyende inside his study room. Photo: Jimmy Siyasa

What would you say is the relevance of this book to theological training and pastoral ministry in the 21st Century?

The giving of God’s word through proclaiming and teaching is integral to pastoral ministry. But pastors can only do so when they link and relate the individual sections of the Bible to the whole content of the Bible. This book helps them to a good extent to do so by familiarising themselves in depth with the whole content of the Bible from the standpoint of salvation which is the chief concern of the Bible. Indeed pastors and theological students are the core audience of the book.

What should any reader expect to learn or pick from the book?

An in-depth study of the whole Bible thereby attaining an overview of the message of the Bible. This is why I say that this book is for those who love the Word of God and desire to study it in depth. I can assure you that once they start reading it, they will not put it down until they finish it.

A video discussion of the book