Kids Care

The Kids Care Centre,which started in 2007, offers Day Care Services to Children of UCU staff, students and recommendations from the two. It caters for kids of 1 year to lower primary. On a regular basis, it offers services to kids from 1 year to 6 years. The children are grouped into four: Toddlers Class, 1-2yrs +, Baby Class – 3-4 yrs old, Middle Class – 4-5 yrs and Top Class – 5-6 yrs.
The Centre runs a play as well as learning system based on an integrated system of Ugandan and basic early learning format from other curriculum.

In each age-group, a child is expected to spend one year before they go to the next level. That means if a child starts in toddler class when they’re 2 yrs, they will spend 4 yrs at the Centre. In exceptional cases, especially for children who are first schooled at home, are greatly helped at home or are very brilliant, they may spend two years between Baby Class and Top Class.

The Centre provides a holistic package to the kids, beginning with devotions(singing, bible study and prayer) everyday at 8:30 am then classes run up to 10:30 am, then finally from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Extra curricular activities include;- singing, toys, sports/games, role playing, puzzles, library read- aloud time, educative video time, tours and presentations to parents.

The major emphasis is on Christ-centredness, character and reading. Other subjects include Mathematical Concepts, Social Development, English, Writing & Environment and Healthy Habits.

Every term children get two assessments during mid-term and end of term/semester. Report cards are issued to the effect.

The Centre opens from 7:00 am to 5: 30 pm.

The Centre currently has a capacity of 60 children with current enrolment at 40. There are 20 places yet to be filled in Toddler, Middle and Top Class. Admission is anytime. The school runs a UCU semester system.

Children pack only juice(natural) or water to school. Three/four meals are provided each day at the Centre i.e break, lunch, fruit, and evening tea.

For those who need transport ,there is private transport offered by one of the parents to and from school. So far 10 kids use this transport.

  • Christ-centredness,
  • Good character building
  • UCU security
  • UCU semester system
  • Small numbers
  • Uniform
  • Meals
  • Well-stocked Library
  • Transport and affordable fees and so much more.

For more information, contact the UCU Kid’s Centre on 0312-250-838 or send mail to