About Us

Uganda Christian University (UCU) is an authentic Christian institution established by the Church of Uganda in 1997 in response to a call for quality university education with a Christian perspective. UCU replaced the historic Bishop Tucker Theological College which trained clergy and educators during its 84-year history from 1913-1997.

In 2004, UCU became the first private university to be chartered or accredited by the government of Uganda. Located in Mukono district, about an hour and a half’s drive from the capital city of Kampala, UCU is one of Uganda’s leading teaching and research universities.

A leading Online Distance Learning (ODeL) institution in Uganda today, UCU established a Learning Management System, known as the UCU eLearning platform in 2014, to prepare for an Information and Technology-driven academic landscape. Assessed and approved by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), the UCU eLearning platform’s capacity to host students connecting from all over the continent and beyond has since increased.

Our students are able to attend classes online, access reading materials, attempt assignments and also submit coursework/examinations. Likewise, lecturers are able to teach in real time, pre-record lectures, upload course materials (video, audio and text) and also administer examinations effectively.

Courses and Intakes

UCU offers over 80 PhD, Master’s, Bachelor’s, and diploma programmes which are designed to develop a cadre of professionals with integrity, power of critical inquiry, logical thought and independent judgment with a Christian perspective. The programmes are offered in three intakes of, Easter (January), Trinity (May) and Advent (September) semesters.

UCU students are in demand in the job market because of a long-term-built track record of discipline, integrity and professionalism that is synonymous with the UCU brand.

Modern Library and Beautiful Campus

Our well-equipped modern library offers a conducive learning environment that enhances our learning and research goals. It sits 1,200 people, stores 250,000 volumes of books and 200 computers in the open terrace. Uganda Christian University was voted by christianuniversitiesonline.org as the most beautiful Christian university in Africa and the 50th in the world thanks to the sparkling green spaces, breathtaking surroundings and inspired architecture around our campuses that offer spectacular settings for study, rest and play.

Halls of Residence and Dining

UCU has homely halls of residence equipped with computer laboratories with internet hotspots to allow for convenient access to high-speed internet connectivity. All the halls of residence have common rooms where students can relax and watch television (connected to the best satellite television services) in their free time. The UCU dining is popular among students for its nutritious and well-balanced meals.

Internet Coverage

UCU enjoys over 80% percent Wi-Fi coverage. This is in addition to its ten computer laboratories mainly for teaching and research purposes. 

Affordable Tuition Fees

Our fees are designed to be affordable, providing parents and students with financial predictability. Our transparent fees policy ensures that families can plan effectively, as they pay a fixed amount from entry to their final semester

Scholarships and Sports Facilities

At Uganda Christian University (UCU), we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art sports facilities and our commitment to supporting talented athletes, students in need, theology scholars, and exceptionally bright individuals across various categories through scholarships. Our modern sports complex provides students and staff with a healthy balance between academic pursuits and physical exercise. Equipped with a fully furnished gym featuring modern equipment, our facilities cater to a wide range of sports enthusiasts.

Popular sports at UCU include football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, netball, woodball, tennis, athletics, and many others. Our university has a strong history of sporting excellence, with our teams consistently achieving success and winning numerous accolades.

Thanks to our top-notch sports facilities, UCU has become a preferred venue for both local and international sports tournaments, reflecting our commitment to promoting sportsmanship and fostering community engagement. Some of these include:

  1. The 19th edition of the Uganda Inter-university Games organized by AUUS ( December 15-21, 2023)
  2. The East African University Games (2014)
  3. The Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) in August 2017
  4. The Inter University Games Uganda (2007 and 2013)
  5. UCU Invitational Basketball Tournament (Annual)
Instant Graduation and Transcript Issuance

Every year, UCU holds four graduation ceremonies across her campuses and constituent colleges and issues transcripts on graduation day, which facilitates the quicker absorption of our graduates in the job market. Our students graduate as and when they finish their courses.