UCU Kampala Campus

The Uganda Christian University (UCU), Kampala Campus, was established in 2003. Since its establishment, the UCU Kampala Campus has been housed at four locations. Since 2015, UCU Kampala Campus has been housed at Lubiri Ring road, Mengo at the former Butikiro, which previously housed the Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC).

Last year, construction of a permanent UCU Kampala Campus home started. The new home is within the same area of Mengo, on Musajja Alumbwa road next to Eagle’s Nest Primary School.

The Kampala campus hours are generally 8am to 9pm.

The UCU Kampala Campus exists to serve four main purposes:

  1. To extend educational opportunities to those who would like to further their education but cannot easily do so at the UCU main campus because of logistics and work schedules;
  2. To accommodate spillover from the main campus due to limited space/room;
  3. To meet needs of recent secondary graduates and others who can live with relatives in Kampala area while commuting to campus to study; and
  4. To expand the Christian missionary role through higher education with outreach to the large city population.

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