Applicants Shortlisted by UCU for 2023: Provisional Lists Released


From the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs as of March 29, 2023

Note: This is not final

Uganda Christian University has released the provisional list of shortlisted applicants for the Bachelor of Law, Medicine and Dentistry programs. If you or someone you know applied for any of the mentioned courses, please click the buttons below to download a list of any of the 3 courses:

Caution to Applicants

We would like to remind all applicants that any lists in circulation that do not have the signature and stamp of approval from the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs should be disregarded.

We are still accepting applications

Additionally, we would like to inform all interested applicants that we are still receiving applications for the programs mentioned above. The Deadline is March 31st March, 2023.

How to Apply: Watch the video below

A message from the UCU Vice Chancellor

UCU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi welcomes you to UCU.

Click here to apply online