UCU takes action to promote road safety with reflector jacket donation

In a bold move to promote road safety, Uganda Christian University (UCU) has made a corporate social responsibility donation of reflector jackets to cyclists within Mukono. The university recognizes the importance of ensuring the safety of all road users, especially UCU students, and also sees this donation as a symbol of its commitment to creating a safer community.

As far as students' lives are concerned, road safety is a core area of concern for UCU management.
One of the student leaders helps a boda boda rider to put on a reflector jacket. Photo: Enock Wanderema.

Why Reflector jackets?

With this donation, UCU is taking a proactive approach to ensuring that cyclists are visible and safe on the road. The high-visibility reflector jackets, made from durable materials, will help cyclists stand out in low-light conditions, making them easily noticeable to drivers.

Just 10k campaign

UCU has created an opportunity for you to donate and help, through a campaign dubbed “For Just 10K, change a life”. The target is to raise UGX 1 billion (USD 270,000). This money will help over 74 needy students finish their university degree.

The UCU fundraiser, entitled “For Just 10k, change a Life,” aims to raise UGX 1 billion for tuition assistance for clergy, children of clergy, and other financially disadvantaged students. As part of this effort, reflective jackets have been donated to the cause. The goal is to support at least 74 students from start to finish in their undergraduate degree. Participants have the option of making an annual payment of UGX 120,000 or a monthly payment of UGX 10,000, or a one-time payment.

In short, do not ignore the message on your Mukono-based “boda boda’s” back.