Generosity of strangers changed my life, Law student

My name is Geoffrey Kiwumulo and I am a student at Uganda Christian University (UCU), Kampala Campus. I am currently in my fourth year pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

When I joined UCU in 2019, I did not have tuition-related challenges; at least not the kind that would grind to a halt my university education. I was excited and optimistic like any other freshman because I was joining a leading university in the country to pursue my dream course: UCU is unique, mainly because since its inception in 1997, it has delivered on its promise for academic excellence for all who enroll.                      

Unfortunately, when Covid -19 hit in 2020, everything changed.  My father, a Lay reader with the Church of Uganda, could no longer afford to pay tuition fees to keep me and my siblings in university. A national lockdown was imposed. Churches were closed and the economy was severely damaged by the pandemic. This meant that my father, who in capacity was an employee of the church had effectively become unemployed.

My hope of attaining my goal started to dwindle. Life became difficult, and so many things changed. I could see my dream of becoming an advocate slipping through the vicious claws of COVID-19: Dad’s primary source of income was no more; the little he got only helped to keep the family from starving! I feared that this was the beginning of a downward spiral into a future of lack and poverty.

A miracle: Turning point

While I was sinking in despair, watching my once bright future growing dim, dimmer…, a miracle happened! Yes, I believe miracles still happen!

I got a scholarship!

Having shared my story, God was gracious enough to intervene in my predicament through the office of the UCU Vice-Chancellor, which offered me a fully-funded scholarship.

Courtesy of the scholarship, I have been able to complete my third year of study in Law School and now I am in my final semester of the fourth year.

Only God knows how grateful I am! Now, more than ever, I am determined to touch more lives out there, the same way mine has been touched through the generosity of strangers.

A Call For You To Give and Help Others like me

I know there are so many ‘Geoffreys’ with a similar or worse story, in different years of study at UCU. They are hopeful that one day their stories will turn around just like mine did.

YOU can change their story and help fund their dream by just giving as little as UGX 10,000 (USD 3). HOW? (See below)

UCU has created an opportunity for you to donate and help, through a campaign dubbed “For Just 10K, change a life”. The target is to raise UGX 1 billion (USD 270,000). This money will help over 74 needy students finish their university degree.


  • Follow the link:
  • Through Stanbic Bank: Account No: 9030005916673 (Account Name: Uganda Christian University)

Vice Chancellor’s message (WATCH):

Prof. Mushengezi, the UCU Vice Chancellor, explains the “Just 10K campaign”.