UCU graduates 986 students


By Irene Best Nyapendi

Uganda Christian University (UCU) has today, October 13, 2023, graduated a total of 986 students at its main campus in Mukono. Among the graduates, 459 were male and 527 were female. Of these, 33 students achieved first-class honours, with 20 being female and 13 being male.

The graduating students were also coming from some of UCU’s constituent colleges, namely the Kampala and Arua campuses.

Gilbert Afema emerged as the best male student. He graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.60 in Bachelor of Divinity. Martin Juuko won the award for best science student with a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a CGPA of 4.50.

Precious Claire Ninsiima, emerged as the overall best student, the best female student, and the best arts student. She studied at Kampala campus and today graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a CGPA of 4.78 out of 5.0.

Initially, Ninsiima was meant to join Makerere University Business School (MUBS) on government scholarship for International Business. However, her mother decided to bring her to UCU. “My mother suggested I join UCU because of its values and its image as a Christ centered institution. She felt it was important for me to study at UCU to prepare me for the outside world so that no matter what I find in the world, after school, I’ll know how to go by it,” Ninsiima explained.

She commends UCU for the values it imparts in its students such as integrity, Christ centeredness which she believes that if students listen to and concentrates on, they can actually be better people.

Ninsiima advises continuing students to give in their best to excel in their studies.

“Do the right thing at its right time, put in effort in assignments and above all don’t set a low standard,” Ninsiima said.

This ceremony was graced by the presence of Rt. Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, former UCU Chancellor. He urged the graduates to strive for a good name and a good reputation.

“True service will promote your name. Be willing and ready to serve. You don’t have to bribe your way to a position. Faithful service wins the approval of heaven and its heaven that promotes,” Orombi said. He encouraged them to pursue their destiny with ambition and prove themselves as a worker worth trusting. He also warned them to beware of dream killers.

The UCU Chancellor, His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, encouraged the graduates to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired from UCU to be leaders, problem solvers and change makers.

“I encourage you to embrace your roles as potential job creators and innovators. Be bold, take risks, and pursue your passions with self-discipline and trust in God to lead you,” Mugalu said.

He noted that the power of social media in shaping our society cannot be underestimated. It has the potential to connect people, bridge gaps, and amplify voices. However, he added that it can also be a double-edged sword, promoting division, misinformation, negativity and biases.

“As educated individuals, you have a responsibility to use social media constructively, to engage in meaningful dialogue, and contribute positively to our society’s values, growth and development. Use it to create jobs, network and grow in meaningful relationships,” said Mugalu.

Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi the UCU Vice Chancellor congratulated six of UCU staff who graduated today with PhD degrees. Among them are:

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UCU staff who graduated with PhD degrees

(i) Dr. Arthur Nuwagaba of the School of Business has been awarded a PhD in Business and Administration from the University of Nairobi.

(ii) Rev. Dr. Abel Wankuma Kibbedi has completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Literature from Uganda Christian University.

(iii) Dr. Faith Mbabazi Musinguzi has completed a PhD in Education Administration and Management from Uganda Christian University.

(iv) Dr. Gladys Ayot Oyat has completed a PhD in Education Administration and Management from Uganda Christian University.

(v) Dr. David Sengendo has completed a PhD in Education Administration and Management from Uganda Christian University.

(vi) Dr. Godwin Awio has completed a Master of Divinity degree from Uganda Christian University.

Some of UCU’s notable achievements

This year, the university celebrated six newly accredited PhD programs at UCU in Journalism, Media and Communication, Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies, Doctor of Philosophy in Business administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (reassessment), Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy in Literature.

The 10k campaign has so far raised 120 million which has supported 79 students.

UCU is developing the research capacity of its academic staff. This is part of it’s strategy to grow UCU’s research and innovation portfolio. The Directorate of Research Partnerships and Innovation is funding various research projects initiated by 11 of UCU’s senior and young career scholars in different disciplines.

The bishop tucker school of divinity and theology with support from the Anglican aid is renovating and expanding the university archives building. To create modern video conferences facilities in the building and a reading area as well.

Our sports men and women represented us and Uganda during the world university games which were held in China in August of 2023 and in Russia in September 2023.

UCU competed in the basketball 3×3 games for both men and women. As defending champions of the national basketball league in Uganda for 2022 the UCU lady canons women basketball team has been invited to the zone five club championship Africa league in Kigali Rwanda at the end of this month

Arua campus plans to construct an academic building that has been named the bishop Orombi ICT complex.

Mushengyezi reminded the graduates that the knowledge, skills, competencies and values they have acquired at UCU will be very important for them throughout their career.

“Please nurture these values because it’s what sets you part as a UCU graduate. UCU is well-known for our value-based education,” Mushengyezi said.

 He noted that the world of work is beset with challenges but UCU sends its graduates as leaders who are going to make a difference in the world, change agents that God will use to transform the community.

“UCU has prepared you to be agents of positive change, so be the salt and the light wherever God takes you as servant leaders. Be a problem solver wherever you serve. God will make your dreams come true and we will cheer you on as you make exploits in your career,” Mushengyezi added.

Edward Osudo pursued a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and has attained a CGPA of 4.00. Osudo commends UCU for its conducive environment.

“I’ve enjoyed my experience at UCU, the atmosphere is very conducive for study and it’s easy to do things because every office you go to is so friendly compared to most places I’ve been to,” Osudo said.

He also noted that UCU has prepared him for the career field both academically and character wise.

“I’ve been taught to always be a person of integrity especially in my profession. I can’t do half hazard things. UCU has taught me to always do things in a godly way,” Osudo said.

Osudo is currently employed as the Clerk of works at Mount Elgon Labour Based Training Center, where he was retained after his internship.

Jackson Osudo, a parent to the graduand, is impressed to have his first-born child (Edward Osudo) graduate from a university he always heard about during UCU Sunday at his home church in Tororo.

He appreciates UCU for offering its students a complete education for a complete person, instilling them with character and professionalism.

“I commend UCU for offering its students both professionalism and character. It gives me assurance that we are taking out a professional engineer who has character. These are the kind of people we need in order transform our country,” Osudo said.

Today, the school of Business graduated its first cohort of students under the post graduate diploma of sustainable business and renewable energy.

Students and guests who attended the graduation ceremony walked home with printed souvenir copies of Ebenezer, a graduation publication produced in collaboration with Uganda Partners, UCU Department of Communications and Public Relations. Find a digital copy here: https://www.ugandapartners.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Ebenezer_2023.pdf

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