Cage Fish Farming in Uganda: UCU Agricultural Scientist releases insightful discoveries

Mutyaba on Cage fish farming

By Jimmy Siyasa

After an extensive research study within fishing communities in Uganda, Livingstone Mutyaba, Head of the Department of Natural Resource Economics & Agribusiness, at Uganda Christian University alongside Prof. Margaret W. Ngigi and Dr. Oscar Ingasia Ayuya ( both scholars from Egerton University, Nairobi) have published the results of the rigorous investigation among small holder cage fish farmers.

The findings of the study titled Determinants of knowledge, attitude and perception towards cage fish farming technologies among smallholder farmers in Uganda have been published in Issue 1, Volume 10 of the Cogent Food and Agriculture Journal, by Taylor and Francis

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Cage fish farming is essential to increasing fish output, alleviating the declining capture fishery resources, and advancing aquaculture development in Uganda. There are limited studies assessing farmers’ knowledge, attitude, and perceptions towards cage fish farming technology.

This study assessed the knowledge, attitude, and perceptions (KAP) of fishery-dependent communities around Lake Victoria towards cage fish farming technology. Using a simple random sample approach, 384 respondents from fourteen districts provided information on demographic traits, knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions towards cage fish farming.

The analysis utilized descriptive statistics and a multinomial logit model. Results revealed that cage fish farmers’ knowledge, attitude, and perceptions were significantly associated with age, level of education, extension visits, social capital, experience, and television access. In conclusion, this study recommends that extension visits be enhanced to develop farmers’ knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions towards cage fish farming. The study’s implications underscore the importance of developing and implementing farmer-centered policies in the aquaculture sector.

Gender of Respondents in the Cage fish farming research
Pie chart illustration of gender of respondents in the cage fish farming-oriented study.

Public Interest Statement

This study focuses on the aquaculture sector in Uganda, specifically the emerging cage fish farming sub-sector and its contribution to national development under the blue economy.

The study findings presented are from the 384 smallholder cage fish farmers interviewed during a survey conducted between July 2021 and February 2022. The aim was to understand their knowledge, attitudes and perceptions towards cage fish farming technologies. The study found out that Age, years in practicing cage fish farming, extension services, social capital, access to market information, number of stocked cage units owned by an individual and type of cage technology used had an effect on the fish farmers’ knowledge, attitude and perceptions.

The study highlights the need for an increase in extension services, education and training on marketing information related to fish produce, and appropriate policy frameworks that favour smallholder fish farmers for inclusiveness and sustainable development of the fisheries industry in general.

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