Pictorial: UCU Business Faculty Wins Inter-Faculty Games

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) community has continued to congratulate the School of Business at UCU for emerging champions of the Inter-Faculty sports games. The School of Business snatched victory from the Faculty of Agriculture. The sports game finals took place on Friday, 15th March 2024 at the University Football pitch.

In the football finals, the game was very tense, as the final whistle blew, the score remained zero at full time forcing players to go in for penalty shootouts. The crowd watched as each penalty was taken, feeling the tension rise with every kick. At the end, it was the Faculty of Agricultural Science who emerged victorious with a score of 3-2 against the School of Business.
The overall winner for the Inter-Faculty sports games was determined based on the faculty that scored and accumulated the highest points.

UCU’s School of Business clinched multiple golden trophies in the male’s basketball, ladies’ basketball, and netball, along with silver trophies in football and volleyball, making them the overall winners of this season’s Inter-Faculty sports games. The campus buzzed with energy, echoing the spirit of competition. Faculty of Agricultural Science secured the second position.

Miss. Agira Birungi, the UCU Guild President, commended all participants for their commitment and sportsmanship throughout the tournament.
“I take this opportunity to thank the student body of Uganda Christian University for taking part in the just concluded Inter-Faculty sports games. I am always proud that you exhibit our vision of inclusivity in action. Thank you for remaining disciplined all through the tournament,” Birungi said.

The Inter-Faculty sports games is an extravaganza that happens every semester at Uganda Christian University. We are all looking forward to the next Inter-Faculty sports games.
Compiled by: Irene Best Nyapendi
Edited By: Harriet Adong, Consultant at UCU’s Communication and Public Relations Department

IMG 6615
UCU School of Business Basketball Team Triumphantly Celebrating Their Victory.
IMG 6703
Dr. Rosemary Bulyaba, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, and her team celebrate their second-place victory.
IMG 6692 1
The Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Technology team exudes excitement as they proudly display their well-deserved medals.
IMG 6401 1
UCU fans from various faculties cheering on their respective teams during the game.
IMG 6648
Mr. Martin Kabanda, Dean of the School of Business, and Dr. Rosemary Bulyaba, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, were present to offer support for their students at the event. 
IMG 6629
Miss Birungi Agira addressing students after the conclusion of the final games.

Changing of the guard: UCU Guild Government hands over office

By Irene Best Nyapendi

The 25th Guild Government of the Uganda Christian University (UCU) has handed over the office to its successors. Outgoing Guild President Timothy Ddumba handed over a file and other instruments of power, to the in-coming Guild President, Birungi Agira.

At the handover ceremony, conducted on January 11, 2024, the outgoing team was given certificates of recognition for their services to the university. The event was graced by UCU’s Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyenzi.

Among the new members of the guild were the recently vetted cabinet and tribunal members. Agira mentioned that they had been candidly selected and approved by parliament.

“Today was a beautiful day for me, watching leaders being sworn in because I believe in each one of them, and I am confident that they will excel in their respective ministries,” Agira said.

New Leaders Urged to Prioritize UCU and Embrace Inclusivity

Meanwhile, she urged the incoming leaders to prioritize UCU at heart, acknowledging the multitude of interests that may arise over time.

Agira emphasized the importance of remembering their commitment to serving UCU before personal interests, fostering an effort to achieve her slogan “Inclusivity in Action.”

See pictorial below.

DSC 0108
Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi hands over the prestigious Orombi Award for outstanding performance to former Guild President Timothy Ddumba.
DSC 0146
Former UCU Guild President Timothy Ddumba hands over a file to his successor, Birungi Agira.
Former Vice President Melissa Kamikazi Nsaba,hands over a file to her successor, Richard Mutebi.
Bishop Joel Obetia blessed and prayed for the new cabinet to do the right things at the right time.
DSC 0086
New Cabinet ministers taking the oath of allegiance. They promised to preserve and protect the UCU and Guild constitution.