May 30, 2024



UCU welcomes first-year students for the 2024 Trinity Semester

Uganda Christian University (UCU) welcomed first-year students to its main campus in Mukono. The students were officially welcomed at an induction ceremony on Thursday May 30th, 2024.

At the Mukono campus, the Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, warmly welcomed first-year students to the institution.

“Welcome to the coolest campus, a Center of Excellence in the Heart of Africa…no doubt you have chosen the best university in Uganda because we have a good reputation, we are also known to be the most organized and cleanest campus,” said Prof. Mushengyezi.

UCU Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi addressing the new students during the induction ceremony at Nkoyoyo Hall.

He emphasized that UCU’s reputation precedes it, with a proven track record of producing highly employable graduates.

“UCU graduates are preferred by employers because of values, the work ethics, commitment to tasks they are given, and the values they exhibit at work,” he noted.

During the induction ceremony, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Mr. David Mugawe, also welcomed first-year students to UCU congratulating them on making the right choice.

He highlighted that UCU is unique in conducting an induction service, aimed at committing students to the Lord and ensuring a rewarding journey.

“In this country, I am not aware of a university that carries out an induction service for its new students. We do this to commit you to the Lord, believing that you shall have a rewarding journey here at UCU,” said Mr. Mugawe.

He cautioned students that, unlike high school, university life offers more freedom, but emphasized the importance of making wise choices.

“You have joined UCU where you can go out any time, choose whether to attend lectures or not…there will be no punishment except being unable to sit for exams because you have not fulfilled the requirements of attending classes,” Mr. Mugawe warned.

He also warned the students of potential temptations, including sex parties, drugs, and alcohol, but encouraged them to apply the university’s core values in their daily lives.

He reminded students of the university’s mission to equip them for productive, holistic lives of Christian faith and service, and encouraged them to access the student charter through the guild office to understand their rights and privileges.

Mr. Mugawe emphasized that UCU aims to provide a complete education and shape students into complete persons, with a focus on professionalism and character.

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Mr. David Mugawe, addressing the first year students.

He urged students to maximize opportunities, develop characters that align with UCU’s values, and strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

“Whatever opportunity you have, maximize it…many have woken up in third year when it’s too late,” he cautioned.

He urged the students to adopt and maintain characters that align with UCU’s values which is; Christ Centeredness, Diligence, Integrity, Servanthood, and Stewardship.

In addition to the induction ceremony, the students also attended a weekly community worship service in the Nkoyoyo Hall. The service was themed “Character that aligns with UCU values”.

First-year students that were welcome were from the various schools and faculties including; BusinessEducation, Law, Agricultural sciences, Journalism, Media and Communication, Public Health, Engineering, Design and Technology among others.

The induction ceremony is one of the two special services for the students at UCU, with the second one being the commissioning ceremony.

The commissioning ceremony is held at the end of the student’s studies and marks their transition into the workforce.

Compiled by Irene Best Nyapendi

Edited By: Harriet Adong, Consultant at UCU’s Communication and Public Relations Department