Showcasing Innovation, Creativity and Talent at UCU’s Career Exhibition Day


On Saturday, March 16, Uganda Christian University (UCU) hosted an engaging and educative Career Exhibition Day aimed at providing a platform for students, faculty, and university staff to showcase their multidisciplinary research and innovation projects. The event also served as an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to demonstrate their achievements and network with industry professionals.

Hon. Francis Katabazi Katongole, Member of Parliament for Kalungu East Constituency, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor, highlighting the significance of such initiatives in nurturing students and fostering innovation to feed into Uganda’s development efforts.

Hon. Katabazi in his remarks, encouraged students to see beyond the anticipated salaries for true wealth. He highlighted the importance of identifying societal problems as business opportunities and encouraged starting small with innovative solutions. “Come up with an idea from the problems around you. Start it small, grow it and learn from your mistakes or failures,” Katabazi said. He also emphasized the need for proper adequate self-packaging, product packaging and the significance of having and sharing business cards for effective marketing.

The Industrial and Fine Art team presents to the Guest of Honor, Hon. Francis Katabazi Katongole, Member of Parliament for Kalungu East Constituency.

The Head of UCU Honors College, Mr. Dickson Tumuramye, shared that this is an opportunity for students to showcase their innovations, which often go unnoticed within their respective faculties and schools. Mr. Tumuramye noted that the exhibition aimed at showcasing the uniqueness, creativity, and innovativeness of UCU students in the current competitive world.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the diverse range of projects showcased by students from various faculties.

The UCU Law students presented an app revolutionizing document drafting. What once took lawyers days to create, such as tenancy agreements, can now be accomplished in under a minute using this cutting-edge technology. This breakthrough application not only saves time but also enhances efficiency in legal practice.

Richard Mutebi, a third-year Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounts student, who spearheads “Ink Pad Solutions,” a student-led initiative showcased their products such as student and staff planner notebooks. Recognizing time management and productivity issues among peers, the group developed a student planner to alleviate coursework deadline pressure and enhance productivity. The planner includes schedules, activity time allocations, focus targets, and reflective tasks. “With positive feedback from fellow students, we are looking forward to further iteration of our solution to incorporate and or take care of this feedback. Thereafter, we envision inclusion of this solution into the university’s admission package,” Mutebi said.

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Richard Mutebi showcasing his staff planner to a member of UCU’s staff.

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences presented an innovative solution to food waste by utilizing it as cricket feeds and having crickets as a sustainable protein source. They also showcased various initiatives from promoting the cultivation of Nakati (a local consumable vegetable in Uganda) to showcasing innovative urban gardening techniques, to maximize crop yields in limited spaces. Additionally, alternative protein sources like crickets were exhibited, alongside sustainable farming methods such as hydroponics and solar drying technologies.

An illustration by Agriculture students showcasing urban farming techniques.

Winnie Namutosi, an assistant lecturer at the faculty of Agricultural Sciences explained that using hydroponics refers to growing crops without necessarily using soil. “We offer hydroponic nutrients available not only today but also on regular occasions at our faculty. This caters for individuals interested in planting methods that do not require them to touch the soil,” Namutosi said.

Students from Faculty of Engineering and Design showcased innovative renewable energy and material solutions. Bak Kau Nak, a third-year student from the Faculty of Engineering presented concrete bricks made from recycled paper waste, with superior strength and affordability compared to traditional concrete blocks. By repurposing discarded materials, he offers a practical solution to waste management while advancing eco-friendly construction practices.

“Our paper waste concrete blocks are cheaper and stronger,” Nak said. “We use what we do not want any more like paper waste to make the concrete blocks.”

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UCU Students from the Faculty of Engineering and Design showcase their concrete blocks.

The team from the Faculty of Industrial and Fine Art, exhibited a wide array of artworks, ranging from computer graphics like e-art (drawing using a tab and different programs on a computer) and physical art. They also exhibited sculptures, woodwork, paintings, semantics, art works for interior, animations 2D, graphics 3D, and cartoons. fashion pieces showcasing from the drafting stage to the final cloth.

Reagan Okello a finalist pursuing a Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Art exhibited soft and hard drinks glasses made from dumped bottles ready for use.

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Some of the items exhibited by art students.

Students from the School of Journalism, Media, and Communication showcased their multimedia projects, including films, short informative videos and podcasts covering sports and lifestyle.

They also presented insights into film production techniques, camera usage, and workflow. Nathaniel Simbilyabo a final-year student pursuing a bachelor of arts in Journalism and Communication showcased his photography portfolio, demonstrating the school’s commitment to nurturing versatile media professionals.

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A UCU journalism student demonstrates his podcasting technique, focusing on sports and lifestyle.

Other schools also exhibited, such as the School of Education, Social Sciences, Divinity and Theology, and the Faculty of Public Health Nursing and Midwifery.

In recognition of their outstanding work and showcase, the UCU Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Technology was recognized as the best exhibitor. All the other exhibitors were acknowledged and appreciated.

Compiled by: Irene Best Nyapendi

Edited By: Harriet Adong, Consultant at UCU’s Communication and Public Relations Department