UCU welcomes over 2000 first-year students for Trinity Semester

By Irene Best Nyapendi

Uganda Christian University (UCU) welcomed over 2000 first-year students to its main campus in Mukono and its Kampala campuses in the Trinity (May 2023). The students were officially welcomed at induction ceremonies held at both campuses.

Table of Contents

Main Campus

At the Mukono campus, Vice Chancellor Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi welcomed the students and urged them to uphold the university’s core values of Christ-Centeredness, diligence, integrity, servanthood, and stewardship. He also encouraged them to be committed to their studies and to strive for excellence.

DSC 0213 1
Vice Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi leading the induction ceremony in Nkoyoyo Hall.

“Our goal here is to train you to be complete human beings, so you don’t just leave with the head knowledge but with the soft skills and values that make us truly human,” Mushengyezi said.

He was, however, quick to caution students about the existence of intellectuals whose knowledge has made them dangerous to the world, and who promote an ideology that can harm other human beings.

Furthermore, Prof. Mushengyezi noted that misuse of firearms is becoming rampant in the country and students should be careful to not fall victim.

Kampala Campus

Anita and Colleagues

The Kampala campus induction ceremony was held by UCU Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Mr. David Mugawe. He urged the students to be “people of integrity with strong moral principles guided by the ideals of honesty and authenticity.”

In addition to the induction ceremonies, the students also attended a weekly community worship service at Nkoyoyo Hall. The service was themed “Guarding the Treasure of your Soul.”

The students come from a variety of backgrounds and represent a wide range of academic interests. They are excited to begin their studies at UCU and to be a part of the university’s vibrant community.

“I’m glad my parents brought me here because I have seen it’s a cool university, the people in it are decent and love God,” said Jovia Kisakye, a first-year student pursuing Higher Education Certificate in Biological.

Students at induction

First-year students from the various schools and faculties including; Business, Education, Law, Agricultural sciences, Journalism, Media and Communication, Public Health, Engineering, Design and Technology attended the induction ceremony at the main campus.

DSC 0270 1
Vice Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi leading the induction ceremony in Nkoyoyo Hall.

The induction ceremonies are one of the two special services for the students at UCU, with the second one being the commissioning ceremony. The commissioning ceremony is held at the end of the student’s studies and marks their transition into the workforce.