Uganda Christian University (UCU) Strengthens Collaborative Bonds through Partnership with St. Paul’s University

Uganda Christian University Partnership

By Jimmy Siyasa

LIMURU, KENYA – August 14, 2023 – A significant milestone in the world of higher education was marked today as Uganda Christian University (UCU) and St. Paul’s University (SPU) came together to solidify their partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The ceremonial event took place at SPU’s Main Campus in the serene town of Limuru, Kenya. Both institutions, rooted in their shared Church-based foundations, are poised to embark on a journey of mutual collaboration and growth.

What’s in the partnership?

The agreement encompasses a range of collaborative initiatives aimed at fostering educational enrichment and innovation. Spearheaded by the leadership of Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, the Vice Chancellor of UCU, and backed by a team including Mr. Samson Wanambuko, the Senior Legal Officer, and Dr. Angella Napakol, the Head of Grants and Partnerships, UCU has extended its hand in partnership to SPU.

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Among the key areas of cooperation outlined in the MoU are the exchange of faculty and students, collaborative research ventures, the external evaluation of postgraduate dissertations, and the exchange of best practices and innovations in teaching and learning.

Present at the signing ceremony were esteemed representatives from both institutions. Prof. Peter Ngure, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at SPU, extended a warm welcome to Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi. Alongside them were Rev. Truphie Sumba, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, and other prominent university officials from SPU.

In his address, Prof. Mushengyezi highlighted the importance of cultivating a strong partnership between UCU and SPU. He emphasised that the collaborative efforts envisioned under this MoU would not only enhance the academic experience for both institutions’ faculty and students but also contribute to the broader educational landscape.

To further solidify the newly forged partnership, Prof. Mushengyezi extended a cordial invitation to the SPU team to visit the Uganda Christian University campus. This gesture serves as a tangible step towards nurturing the relationship and exploring avenues for joint endeavours.

The partnership between UCU and SPU holds immense promise in fostering academic growth, interdisciplinary exploration, and the sharing of knowledge across diverse educational horizons. As the two institutions embark on this collaborative journey, they set a commendable example of the power of cooperative learning and the impact it can have on shaping the future of education.