“Unikonversationz”: UCU rolls out first-ever audio-visual university podcast in Uganda

By Irene Best Nyapendi

Uganda Christian University (UCU) has launched the first-ever audio-visual university podcast in Uganda dubbed “Unikonversationz”.

About the UCU-based UniKoversationz podcast

This is an inaugural university podcast that seeks to stimulate intellectual conversations and social commentary that appeal to and are relevant to university students or semi-educated people. Our goal is to provoke thought on topical issues ranging from academia, Christianity, worldviews, social life on campus, growth, personal improvement, etc. Our guest/guests take on intriguing subjects and discuss them with utmost precision.
While the podcast is curated by a team based at UCU, its appeal stretches beyond the university to broader audiences in Uganda and beyond. The audio-visual podcast is available on our YouTube channel.

Below is a glimpse of our first-ever audio-visual university podcast.