Master of Human Resource Management in Education (MHRM)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Easter/January Intake – Modular Main/Mukono campus

In addition to regular UCU requirements for all students, the following requirements apply:
• An honours degree in Education (BED) or (BAED/BSc.ED);
• An honours BA/BSc degree with a Diploma in Education;

• An honours BA/BSc degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE);
• An honours degree in any other field other than education from a recognized university or institution of higher learning.

The Department, in consultation with the Dean, School of Research and Post-Graduate Studies, reserves the right to carry out additional assessment to gauge the suitability of candidates for admission.

Two years, maximum of four years to complete

Organizations including educational institutions exist and operate in a complex political, economic, social and technological environment which is always changing. It, therefore, requires effective management of personnel or employees for an organization to achieve its objectives and successful performance. This Programme trains skill managers who can work well with human persons to best engage organizational strategies in order to work towards the common good.

Topics within course contents Human Resource Management (HRM): policy in Human Resources, planning, recruitment, screening and selection, job analysis and design, HR training and development, public relations & customer care in educational institutions, employee/industrial relations, and health & safety in educational institution, among others.

Career prospects upon completing this master’s degree can be found in local, national and international government, non-profit and private sectors in the areas of human resource and education, as well as possibly in teaching or research careers.