Master of Arts in Translation and Language Development (MATLD)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Easter/January Intake – Modular Main/Mukono campus

In addition to regular UCU requirements for all students, the following applies: • First or second-class degree in related field of study from a recognized university; and

• Prior knowledge of one indigenous/local language and one foreign/international language.

Two years, with a maximum of five years to complete

The Master of Arts in Translation and Language Development Programme is designed for persons interested in intercultural, international communication and exchange, and the development of African languages through personal engagement in translation and free writing.

Topics within course contents include: translation theories, advanced orthography, editing in African language, history of translation, language policy and translation in multi-lingual societies, research methods, and indigenous/mother tongue and foreign language and terminology development, among others.

Graduates of this Programme will be qualified to be translators, university lecturers, editors, and writers, among others.