Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),Programme in Literature (PhDL)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Easter/January intake – Modular at Main/Mukono campus

In addition to regular UCU requirements for all students, the following apply:
• Bachelor’s degree in Literature, English Language and Literature, or Education with Language/ Literature from a recognized university; and
• Master’s degree in Literature of English Language and Literature from a recognized university;
• Certified and approved equivalents of the above.

Three years, with a maximum of six years to complete

The UCU Department of Languages and Literature, established in 2003, launched a PhD in Literature in 2014. This Programme is designed to broaden and deepen BA and MA Programmes with a higher level of intellectual and analytical engagement with historical, theoretical and regional perspectives.

Content within this Programme include module and private research dealing with: African, English, European novels, 20th century American poetry, and research design, methods and writing, among others

Upon completing this degree, students are qualified to expand their careers in writing, editing, publishing and teaching, including at the university level.