Diploma in Project Planning & Management

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September, Trinity/May and Easter/January – Full-time Day at Mukono/Main campus and at Kampala campus.

Applicants are required to have:
• Uganda Certifi cate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent;
• At least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes at A’ level taken at the same sitting.

Two years, with maximum of four years to complete

The Diploma in Project Planning and Management aims to build a solid educational foundation for all our diploma holders to work effectively in large complex projects and promote industry-wide standards for project management and educational maturity. This course will enable students appreciate the need for project integration, quality, and management of projects, including design, procurement, cost management and communication. Beyond this, the project also aims to equip graduates with knowledge of principles of management, human resource and strategic management of projects as well as human behavior in organizations

This Programme includes study in the following topics: monitoring and evaluation, project procurement
management, strategic management, research methods, entrepreneurship and small business, project cost management and organizational behavior, among others.

Career prospects upon completing the degree can be found in local, national and international government, non-profi t and private sectors with such titles as: project manager, project officer, research assistant, or planning associate.