Bachelor of Science in Economics & Statistics

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September and Trinity/May Intakes – Full-time Day at Mukono/Main campus and Mbale regional campuses

In addition to the other University admission requirements for undergraduate Programmes, one of the
following categories will allow admission to this course:
• Diploma holders who studied a relevant course from a recognized institution of higher learning;
• Direct entrants who passed economics, mathematics, and other subjects with two A’ principal passes and must have passed mathematics at O’ level taken in the same sitting;
• A Pass in mature-age examination – such candidates must be Ugandan nationals of at least 25 years and have formal education. Those who are successful, in both the written and oral examination, are considered for admission.

Three years with maximum of five years to complete

Much management work around the world involves measurement in numbers – quantitative data. Students in the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics in the Faculty of Business and Administration at Uganda Christian University receive economic and statistical knowledge and skill to analyse issues and communicate results orally and in writing. Christian values and ethics are reinforced throughout the Programme in order to form economics and statistics professionals who have a strong Christian foundation for their work.

In addition to foundational courses in such areas as writing skills and the Old Testament and the New
Testament teachings, topics within this Programme’s courses include, among others: mathematical economics, microeconomics, statistical data modeling, probability theory, multivariate analysis and agricultural, monetary and labour economics.

Graduates of this Programme can find career opportunities in non-profi t, public and provide institutions. Positions include research/monitoring/ evaluation officers, district planners, biostatisticians, consultants, Programme officers, economic/financial/sales analysts, loan officers and insurance agents.