Bachelor of Laws(LLB)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September Intake – Full-time Day at Mukono/Main campus and Kampala campus; and Easter/January Intake – Evening at Kampala campus

In addition to the other University admission requirements for undergraduate Programmes, one of the following categories will allow admission to this course:
• Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education with at least 2 principal passes at the same sitting;
• A Diploma in Law from the Law Development Centre or from an accredited university with our without work experience; or
• Undergraduate Degree from an accredited university. Applicants should note that pre-entry interviews are conducted before admission. Non-English speaking applicants may be required to do an English proficiency test before starting the Programme.

Four years with a maximum period of six years to complete

Legal education commenced in Uganda in January 1953. The Uganda Law Society, established in 1956, is the body in charge of Legal Education in Uganda. To become a lawyer in Uganda, a person must have a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) undergraduate degree from a recognized university. It takes four (4) years to complete an undergraduate law degree in Uganda. Since 1998, Uganda Christian University’s (UCU’s) Law Programme has been at the forefront of providing instruction to students in the legal field in Uganda, as well as devel-oping a hub of legal scholarship and research for students, academics, and researchers from Uganda, East Africa, and beyond. UCU’s Programme is unique with its infusion of high-level ethics
and Christian values.

Courses have a wide range of topics, including: constitutional, criminal, contract, adminis-trative, land, labour, family, criminal, insurance, human rights, environmental law, tort, equity and trusts, criminology and penology, among others.

The career prospects available to a graduate of the UCU Law Faculty are in legal practice. Graduation at the Law Development Centre with a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice is required to be a fully practicing lawyer in Uganda. Generally, graduates are engaged in various areas of private legal practice, advocacy, service with the government such, as working with the judiciary, executive and legislature and academia, and teaching, among other things. UCU alumni are working with private law fi rms, the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in Uganda, the Judiciary of Uganda, the Parliament of Uganda, Busi-ness Corporations, Non-Governmental organizations, and with academic institutions.