Bachelor of Governance and International Relations (BGIR)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September Intake – Full time Day Main/Mukono campus and Mbale Constituent College as well as Evening Kampala campus

In addition to regular UCU requirements for all students, the following is required:
• Direct entrants with two A’ Level Principle Passes;
• Ideal students in this Programme are people already engaged in local social science work and who have an open-mind and desire for positive change.

Three years, with a maximum of five years to complete

As the world grows politically and economically, facilitating national and international relationships with multiple issues becomes increasingly important. Students in the Bachelor of Governance and International Relations in the Faculty of Social Science will gain an in-depth understanding of international affairs and how they impact people locally, nationally and worldwide. One key aspect of learning in this Programme is gain through professional internships.

In addition to foundational courses in such areas as Christian ethics, math, writing and science, students will learn about such current issues as terrorism and peace and conflict resolution and roles they might play in them. Through lectures, discussions and projects, topics such as public international law, gender fairness, international security, and disaster management will be explored.

Graduates of this Programme are prepared for master’s level studies as well as jobs in government agencies such as the Office of the President, Legislature, Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and for missions in diplomacy, peace, human rights, and anti-corruption.