Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (BAMC)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September Intake – Full-time Day at Main/Mukono campus

In addition to the other University admission requirements for undergraduate Programmes, one of the following categories will allow admission to this course:
• Two principal passes at A’level obtained at the same sitting; OR
• A two –year diploma in Journalism, Media Studies, Communication or
a related field from a recognized institution;
• A Pass in mature-age examination

Three years, including at least a one- semester internship, with maximum of four years

The faculty of Journalism, Media, and Communication focuses on training
a cadre of Journalism, Media and Communication professionals with critical literacy in media, diverse professional skills, and with exemplary Christian values. Students study theory, do research and apply concepts in each, and complete resume-building internships. This Programme has two specialization tracks: Journalism and also Communication; the specialization track is selected in the final year of study.

Specific content includes: media theory, literature in the media, feature writing, contemporary issues, general radio and TV production, broadcast news reporting and current affairs, media ethics, public relations strategy, digital/online communication, radio drama, social and behavior change communication, and investigative journalism and development journalism, among others.

Career prospects upon completing this degree can be found in the public and private sector in mainstream media, online media, international organizations, government ministries, departments and agencies. Positions include reporter, editor, photographer, communications assistant, public relations officer, and teacher.