UCU signs lease agreement with Ankrah Foundation

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, has signed a Lease Agreement with Ankrah Foundation Limited.  The 10-year renewable lease will see UCU utilize the Ankrah Foundation facilities located on Besania Hill in Mukono.

“We shall use Ankrah Foundation’s state-of-the-art facilities for teaching, learning, research, and hostel,” said Prof. Mushengyezi.

He said the Ankrah Foundation Think-tank will work closely with the Africa Policy Center (APC) to further community engagements, research and knowledge generation.

Caption: Members present during the signing of the Agreement pose, after the meeting, at the premises of the Bishop Tucker Building at UCU.

In honor of their immense contribution to the establishment and development of the Planning, Development and Rehabilitation (PDR) in the Church of Uganda, UCU decided to name the hostel ‘Kodwo and Maxine Ankrah Hostel’. The other facilities will also be named Kodwo and Maxine Ankrah Training Centre.

The Managing Director of the Foundation, Prof. Maxine Ankrah, thanked UCU for remembering and honoring their effort to the development of the Church of Uganda.

“We sincerely thank you for this partnership and I promise that we shall work towards its success, and we will do everything possible to ensure that UCU and the rest of Africa benefit from it,” said Prof. Maxine.

Prof. Mushengyezi revealed that effective 2022, Prof. Maxine will join UCU as a visiting Professor, and she will closely work with the APC.

Prof. Maxine addressing some of the UCU top management during the meeting held at Nkoyoyo. Photo/ Jimmy.

Prof. Maxine is a widow to the late Canon Kodwo Ankrah, a Ghanaian who came to Uganda in the 1970s to start up PDR in the Church of Uganda.

According to a 2016 Uganda Church Association newsletter, Canon Ankrah was coordinator of PDR for over two decades. How did such a man, for whom the sky was the limit at World Council of Churches, and for whom attitude determined altitude in fast-track cities like Geneva, come to Mukono, then a small village 21km east of Kampala? Well, he was asked by two successive archbishops – Erica Sabiti in 1970 and Janani Luwum in 1974 – to come and lead PDR.