Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid

UCU offers at least seven sets of student scholarships to talented sports persons, needy, theology, exceptionally good students, among other categories.

The university provides financial aid for both post-graduate and graduate students through four major categories to assist students with their tuition expenses.

These are:
  1. Need-based scholarships.
  2. Merit-based scholarships.
  3. Scholarships to biological children and staff spouses.
  4. Externally Sponsored and administered awards




Vice Chancellor’s Award 


Three levels of award:
Full, three-quarter, and half tuition

  • Best performer, runner up, and second runner up
  • Three awards each for students entering 2nd, 3rd or 4th year  
  • Have strong testimonials and recommendations about their character
  • Have the Highest Grade Point Average in a faculty

UCU Scholarships Committee


Business and  Technology Award


USD 250 annually

  • Academic prowess and economic need
  • Registered 2nd year or 3rd year student in: BEPP, BPLM, BEM, BBA, BBC, BSIT, BASE

UCU Scholarships Committee


Riley Bebe and Jack Scholarship

Tuition Fees and accommodation 

  • Post Graduate in Theology and BCEE students

UCU Scholarships Committee


Claribelle Scholarship Award

  • Bachelor of Arts In Education

UCU Scholarships Committee


Achievement Award 

(UCU Partners)

USD 250  per semester

  • Ugandan, Bachelors students in their first year who have completed one semester
  • Exceptions: 1) Nursing and Divinity programs not eligible due; 2) BBC and BPLM in 1st semester of second year can apply
  • Excelled during the first semester at UCU
  • Maintain minimum GPA of 3.0 (Law) & 3.5 (all others)
  • Christian, Proven to be of good character.

UCU Scholarships Committee


Stanbic bank - UCU Scholarship

How to apply:
Click here to download and fill the form here
 then send it to

Half tuition

  • Undergraduate students, who have completed the first year of study at Uganda Christian University (All Uganda Christian University Campuses)
  • Students with CGPA above 3.5 and without a retake in the first year of their studies.
  • Students who are not on any form of official scholarship either by an individual or an organization.
  • Students who exhibit academic prowess, socio-economic need and are of good character.

UCU Scholarships Committee/Stanbic Bank

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