Sserwada or Bravo: Who will win the Presidency?

By Brian Muduku Derrick 

With the Guild elections edging closer, the political atmosphere at Uganda Christian University is intensifying with each passing day. Particularly, the fight for Guild President is steep as it has shaped into a battle between a lady and a gentleman.

Mirembe Racheal Sserwadda is vying for Guild Presidency

Mirembe Racheal Sserwadda

She is in her third year pursuing a Bachelor of Law at UCU.  She has a five-point programme by which she hopes to serve students.  From her telling, it will cover: The education system, students’ health, security, accountability within the Guild Government and formidable leadership.”

Sserwadda says that she wants to leave a legacy at the university.” My love to leave a legacy and impact positively on people in the community made me come out and run for this office.” she said. 

Lesson learnt so far: I have had to exercise emotional intelligence as some people are not as welcoming, ” she says. 

Main challenge so far:  The people in the other camp keep shaking tables with unnecessary accusations. Also, trust issues from some people within my camp is a problem,” she says. 

Plan-B: In case she loses, Sserwadda intends to collaborate with the ruling guild government in order to serve the students’ interests. 

Academic background: Sserwadda went to Hormisdallen Primary School and then later to Kings College Budo for her Secondary school education. 

Ayebare Phillip Bravo

Ayebare Phillip Bravo is a student in his third year pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration. He says he intends to continue the legacy left behind by the outgoing guild government. “I looked at the manifesto of Mr Amponda who is the Current Guild President and borrowed some ideas from there,” he says. 

Motivation: My passion to lead and to help others made me stand for this post. 

Ayebare Phillip Bravo is vying for Guild Presidency

Lessons: Ayebare says that he has learnt to relate with people during the campaigns.” One must have a vision. Being on good terms with the community is essential so that they can be helped,” he said. 

He adds that the opposing team has given him some challenges.” They have spread fake rumours about me, but that will not derail me. I shall continue working,” he said. 

Plan-B: Should he lose, Ayebare intends to carry on with life as a student at the university while doing what he can to support the leadership.

Academic background: He went to Greenhill Academy for Primary and later proceeded to Naalya Senior Secondary School.