Hamu Mukasa Library marks 10 years

By David Bukenya- Deputy University Librarian

This is a special week for the UCU Libraries. Precisely ten years ago, we officially dedicated a newly constructed Hamu Mukasa Library. The multi-million ($3.3 million) projected whose construction took approximately 15 years, sprung an imposing sense of grandeur in the heart of the UCU Main Campus in Mukono.

The significant physical and highly functional structure with large windows allowing natural light, laced with bamboo design ceilings in the reading spaces, welcoming patrons via a light-filled atrium and other inviting, user-focused spaces, ten years later, is still the heartbeat of the campus, meeting the needs of the UCU community

Following the construction, the new Hamu Mukasa Library quickly assumed its place at the heart of the campus – both physically and symbolically – now boasting thousands of users since its new doors opened on 28th October, 2021.


Importantly, the construction afforded a model for what a modern library should look like; featuring new technology and large study spaces. Not just physically, but also in its mission and reach; indeed fulfilling the fundraising theme, “a Great University Deserves a Great Library”.

It has been an integral part of the UCU Main Campus, providing innovative spaces for research and learning, large collections, and a range of services to our community.

The University Library plays a vital role in enabling the university to live its values and meet the challenges core to it: Research, teaching and community engagement.

We deeply appreciate all those whose gifts- both big and small-made the construction of Hamu Mukasa possible and helped position us to become a national model for academic research libraries.

Celebrate with us as we reflect on the history and progress of the Library, as well as its continued growth and innovation at Uganda Christian University.