Develop soft skills, says Nandala Mafabi

By Frank Obonyo
The Budadiri West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi has advised graduates to acquire soft skills because employers consider them alongside technical abilities.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mbale University College, Hon. Mafabi said that in addition to the knowledge gained in class, soft skills are important because they enable one to excel in the professional world.

Hon Nandala Mafabi“Without doubt, the university has equipped you with the right knowledge but you need to develop skills such as; interpersonal relationships, time management, communication and team work which will give you success at a job” he said.

Hon. Mafabi, who was also the Guest of Honour at the ceremony, stressed the importance of character and added that talent and knowledge alone aren’t enough because one needs these skills for efficiency.

“Be respectful, cooperative, kind and tolerant to divergent views. This is what will make you own and control the future. You must be a person of integrity so that the nation can depend on you”

He pointed out that it is important for students to appreciate technology because we live in a digital age.

“I call upon UCU to strengthen ICT learning in all its programmes so that students may be relevant and effective at their respective work places,” he said.

This was the fifth part of UCU’s 19th graduation ceremony having graduated 1,107 on October 26, at the Main Campus in Mukono.

Out of the 368 who graduated, two students namely; Jacklyn Chelengat, Bachelor of Education and Sharon Gimbo, Bachelor of Business Administration were awarded posthumous degrees. 167 (45%) were males and 201 (55%) were females. Nine students got first class degrees (4 males and 5 females)

The graduation ceremony held on November 30, was presided over by the UCU Chancellor and Archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda, The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali.

He advised graduands to desist from corruption but exemplify good character and servant leadership, which they’ve learnt from UCU.

“The university has trained you to become a complete person who will serve the nation selflessly. This means that you have to be people of integrity who are ready to serve beyond self,” said Ntagali.


UCU’s Vice Chancellor, the Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi, advised graduands not to believe in people who say that today’s graduate is not yet ready for employment.

Mbale graduates

“If you are not ready for the world of work, then all our labours to prepare you have been in vain. You can and you will make it. Those who study merely to gain skills are in vocational schools and institutes but university education primarily equips your intellectual capacity. If you put thinking before skills, you will be able to adapt to new situations and future jobs,” said Dr. Senyonyi.

He asked the graduands to be patient and cautioned them against frustration and quick gains.


The Principal of UCU’s Mbale University College, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Mung’oma, urged graduands not to be contented with what they have achieved but continue learning because life is about growth and improvement.

The college started with lecturers who had master’s degrees but now it boasts of three PhD holders and according to Dr. Mung’oma, six more are working on their doctoral studies.

He noted that the newly constructed quadrangle building, which has lecture rooms and a library, will be named after the retired Bishop of Mbale Diocese Samwiri Wabulakha. Dr. Mung’oma is retiring after serving as principal of the college for eight years.

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