International students explain why they yearn for UCU

By Frank Obonyo
International students at Uganda Christian University have been urged to be good ambassadors of the university.

Speaking at a luncheon organized to welcome international students in the faculty of Business and Administration, the Dean Dr. Martin Lwanga urged all international studentsto become Uganda Christian University’s ambassadors upon completion of their studies.

“Our MBA program prepares professionals with the art of managing people and I believe that your stay here will be valuable,” said Dr. Lwanga.

The Associate Dean of the faculty Mr. Godfrey Sempungu, thanked them for choosing Uganda Christian University (UCU) and asked them to work hard and live according to the university’s values and beliefs.

A total offifteen international students from Germany, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya and South Sudan are enrolled for the Master in Business Administration tenable at UCU Kampala Campus.

Why international students yearn for UCU

We interviewed some of the students to establish how they came to know about UCU and what attracted them to join the university.

Simon “I had a choice to make between two universities and I chose UCU because my brothers who went through this place spoke well about it. My scholarship is time bound because it is a partnership between the Government of South Sudan and the Africa Development Bank. The bank advised me to join UCU because its former beneficiaries have graduated from here on time”---Simon Ngida, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, South Sudan.




“I knew about UCU through its website and appreciated the good ranking, friendly environment and Christian values. I come from a Christian family and I am proud to belong to a Christian university”--Fanny Watta Seiyia, Finance Officer United Methodist Church, Sierra Leone.




“I learnt about UCU from its website and some alumni who spoke positively about it. Its Christian foundation, core values, mission and identity are very compatible to my beliefs.Also, there’s commitment, hospitality and excellence on the part of the lecturers so with hard work, I hope to graduate on time”---Kavugho Namuvyaki Neema, Democratic Republic of Congo.



Dominic “I read about UCU from its website and saw the ranking then I got convinced that this would be the ideal place for me to study my Masters. Mr. Sempungu helped me a lot because I had earlier on talked to him about my desire to join UCU. He gave me all the necessary documents to inform my decision”---Dominik Froeschke, Germany.




“I finished my bachelors from a government university in South Sudan then I made up my mind to join a church founded university for my masters. I researched about Christian founded universities in East Africa and found UCU to be the best. 

In addition to visiting its website and recommendations from my relatives who studied here, I got additional information from its social media platforms”---David Khot Yaak, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, South Sudan.


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