UCU shares sh520m medical equipment with Mengo, Mukono hospitals


Whenever the late Lucky Dube’s song, “The Hand that Giveth” is played, music lovers get wild.

The song encourages giving. It says, “blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.”

In that spirit, Uganda Christian University (UCU) has shared a donation of medical equipment worth sh520m ($141,488) the institution received recently from the US with three local hospitals- Mukono Church of Uganda Hospital, Mukono General Hospital and Mengo Hospital in Kampala.

The three benefiting hospitals are UCU’s training partners for its medical and dental students.

The equipment was donated to UCU by Midmark, a US based manufacturer of medical equipment and transported to Uganda by Medshare, a US humanitarian organization.

UCU’s Vice-Chancellor, Aaron Mushengyezi, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administration Mr. David Mugawe, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics Dr. John Kitayimbwa and Dr. Edward Mukooza the chairperson of the University’s health and safety committee delivered the equipment to the hospitals.

The consignment included Catheters, Breast pump kits, blankets, abdominal binders, Cook SP Tube Introducer Set, and PDB Kidney Shape Balloon, applicators, antiseptic, swabs, Povidone Iodine 10%, cabinets, filing metal, drawers, covers, face rest pad covers, disposables, thermometers, electronic probe, drapes, surgical and endoscopies.

At Mengo Hospital, the consignment was handed over to the facility’s Medical Director, Dr. Rose Mutumba who commended UCU for the gesture. “UCU is walking the talk and we are excited about the fruits and prospects of this partnership,” she said.

Founded in 1897 by the Anglican Church, the Hospital is UCU’s medical training school.

At Mukono General Hospital, the donation was received by Dr. Robert Kasirye, the in charge, who also commended UCU. The donation had delivery kits for expectant mothers.

Statistics show that 15 women die in Uganda every day from pregnancy and childbirth-related issues. Many of the expectant mothers who die during child birth delay to reach hospitals after failing to get money to buy delivery kits hence developing complications.

Dr. Kasirye commended UCU for the gesture towards improving maternal health.

“We shall use whatever you have given us equitably to the save mothers,” he said, emphasizing that the hospital was proud to be associated with UCU.

“For long even before we were elevated to the hospital status, we have a had a good working relationship with UCU. The University’s program, Save the Mothers built that shelter over there for expectant mothers. That is a plus for UCU and we shall continue working with you,” he said.

At Mukono Church of Uganda Hospital, the Diocesan Bishop James William Sebaggala, who is the chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the hospital, received the equipment and supplies.

The prelate said he was glad to receive the donation from UCU during this critical period when they were looking for someone with a good heart to donate the necessary equipment.

In his remarks to the managers of the different health facilities, Prof. Mushengyezi noted that the donations were intended to cement the friendship between UCU and the hospitals.

“We thought that as part of building our partnership in training students, we should support you also by providing some essential medical items that you need in your daily work as you attend to patients,” he said. “We are here to show that we care for our friends by donating these supplies.”

He added that UCU’s first lot of medical and dental students who are in their third year now would soon be sent out for internship and asked the hospitals’ staff to accord them the necessary support.







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