Farmers urge UCU to increase research on vegetable pests


By Samuel Tatambuka

Farmers in Nakaseke and Luwero Districts have urged Uganda Christian University (UCU) Department of Agricultural and Biological Sciences to invest more in researching about pests which affect African Egg Plant (Nakati)

They made the call during an evaluation of Nakati growth from Isaac Kawoya’s farm in Luwero District on Wednesday February 3.

Elyezari Sserunjoji, a member of the Kyamutakasa Farmer’s Group, appealed to UCU to put in more effort in researching about the pests that invade their crops.

Sserunjoji added that many farmers are losing their crops because they lack knowledge of which pesticide to use while spraying Nakati.

The Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, Prof. Elizabeth Kizito said that they will carry our trainings to farmers and find solutions to the pests and diseases.

Isaac Kawoya, the host farmer for UCU farm trainings, said that he feeds his animals and poultry on green vegetables,

“So, if vegetables are free from pests, it means that my income is guaranteed.”

“In addition to giving back to the community, students and farmers were involved in the training and this helps them with information which is useful for research,” said Prof. Kizito

The project is funded by the British Biological Research Council for Sciences, which is in collaboration with the following partners; UCU, The National Institute of Agricultural Botany, the World Vegetable Centre in Arusha, Mikocheni Agricultural Institute in Tanzania and the World Agro-forestry Centre in Kenya.

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