Welcome to the Easter Semester!


By Blessing Twine

After a long wait, we can now take a deep sigh! Final year students reported to their respective campuses/colleges on 8th February 2021, after the Government advised institutions of higher learning to resume operations, but in a staggered manner.

They have both Face-to-Face and online classes running concurrently, while observing Covid-19 SOPs.

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, said that on 1st March 2021, the University shall receive back all Year One students at their respective colleges/campuses for Face-to-Face classes conducted in a blended and staggered manner.  He said a detailed orientation programme for Year One students will be carried out in the first week of March 2021.

“In line with our accommodation guidelines, and in order to minimize unnecessary movements in and out of campus during these Covid-19 times, all Year One students will be required to reside in the University halls of residence”

He added that by 1st March 2021, all Faculty Deans should have communicated to their respective continuing students the specific dates when they will report to campus for Face-to-Face classes in a staggered programme.

“As guided by government, Medical and other science Faculties should particularly give priority to practical training sessions for their students during this semester, while observing SOPs”

He added that Postgraduate students will have most or all of their classes conducted online, guided by their respective Deans and Heads of Department.


In a related development, the UCU Director of Admissions and Students Records, Christa Oluka, extended a warm welcome to new and continuing students for the Easter Semester.

 “We welcome all of you to our Campuses and registration is open. All admission letters are ready and those who are still interested in joining us are welcome,” said Oluka.

A Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication student, Samantha Naku, said the registration process was so smooth.

“We didn’t take a lot of time because students are not many and the University observed Covid-19 SOPs,” said Naku.

While some students were excited about physical registration, some preferred online system. Catherine Mirembe, a Third-year student of Economics and Statistics said online registration is faster and convenient for those who are unable to come to Campus.

“Coming here, and then you have to line up and deliver your receipt is hectic because the virtual process is easy,” said Mirembe.

Well, with the LORD all things are possible and so we believe he will see us through this special Semester.

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