Speaker Kadaga applauds UCU over e-Chagua innovation

By Ivan Tsebeni
The Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, has hailed Uganda Christian University (UCU) for innovating the online students’ voting system, the e-Chagua.

Kadaga made the remarks while presiding over the UCU guild handover, held at Nkoyoyo Hall in the university Main Campus in Mukono on Wednesday, December 2.

She said that the university was responding swiftly to the new wave of technology which “is the right move in this era”. 

“I am happy to hear that you have moved to e-voting,” Kadaga said. 

She also said that the COVID-19 pandemic has leap-frogged Ugandans into technology faster than anticipated. 

Speaking at the ceremony, the University Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, praised the outgoing Guild leadership for innovating and ensuring that the electronic system come into play. 

“Madam speaker, we are the first university in Uganda to conduct e-elections. We designed our own e-voting platform – home grown which we call e-chagua and it is these young men and women who built it and made it work,” Mushengyezi said, “It is good to serve in a university which sets standard for others to emulate.” 

He said besides setting the pace for other universities technologically, UCU has also demonstrated that it is very possible to peacefully transfer power by the transition of leadership to the new chancellor, new chairperson university council and a new vice chancellor. 

Mushengyezi also said that the culture the university was building is one where leadership can be exercised transparently. 

He said while the COVID-19 pandemic jeopardized the works of the outgoing guild government, their achievements were testaments of their leadership capability.

Kadaga also applauded the outgoing leadership for sticking to their objectives and achieving, especially an increment on the guild fund given to support needy students and putting up security lights. 

She said they have set the bar so high for the incoming regime, but encouraged them to work hard and keep to the standard. 

The outgoing Guild President, Timothy Kadaga, thanked the students’ community for giving him the chance to serve them. 

Kadaga said that his tenure has been a “hard-fought journey of few months” but with intensive work which saw them register up to 85 percent of their target. 

He said the e-Chagua innovation was a fully tested technology that the Government of Uganda could adopt and use in conducting its national elections.

The e-Chagua is a student-led, electronic election system designed by UCU students to aid in their electoral processes. The system has been under test for the past two years, but came to full function for the first time in the recent students’ election.


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