Govt seeks UCU partnership on space science

By Dalton Mujuni

Technological capacity is and will be among the biggest differentiators between the winners and losers in the 21st century.

To move in this direction, Uganda Christian University (UCU) is interested in partnering with the Government, in furthering the space science concept.

In a maiden meeting meant to cast vision for space science implementation, the Government met with UCU to pave way for this partnership.

The Government plans to launch its own satellite by 2022.  The plan is part of the national 2040 Vision, which is found in the National Space Programme.

The UCU deputy vice-chancellor for academic affairs, Rev. Dr John Kitayimbwa, pledged to support the Government in the implementation of the space science project.

Eng. Herbert Abigaba, the principal science officer, Physical Sciences Unit in the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovations (MoSTI), said among the 15 universities, UCU had shown immediate interest and response.

“We thank the university for calling this meeting.No other university has responded this fast, and yet one of the objectives of this vision is to partner with higher institutions of learning,” Eng. Abigaba said.

The principal planner and policy analyst of MoSTI, Emmanuel Omene, also said the Government would be willing to partner with UCU after both parties have agreed to the terms.

The UCU deans of faculty expressed how the university programmes like mass communication and law would be relevant in this vision.

“The vision can best run when there is effective communication in fields like strategic communication,” Prof. Monica Chibita, the dean of the faculty of journalism, media and communication, said.

It was noted by the dean of the faculty of law, Dr Roselyn Karugonjo Seggawa, that this venture will help them in realizing their plan of introducing space law as a programme of study.

“Space ethics is another element that can complement the space law idea due to the too much research embedded in the space industry that needs protection”,  Kitayimbwa added.

Kitayimbwa said the university would produce a hybrid professional in the space industry, who knows the law and can communicate effectively.


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