Students spend Festive Season cleaning Lira town

By Dalton Mujuni
At first, it seemed a big giant idea in their sight; involving tough mobilization process, financial constraints, and criticism, but they took courage of the trial and low and behold it worked out successfully!. This was a submission by Ambrose Okol, a third-year Law student at Uganda Christian University (UCU).

A team of eight students from Lango sub-region at UCU run a two-day Campaign dubbed ‘My Home, My Concern’ in Lira town with a purpose of giving back to the community.

This Campaign was the climax of the series of events that involved constant meetings, selling of the idea to parliament and mobilizing students from other universities.

The group aimed at strengthening unity amongst their colleagues, networking with leaders and offering back to society. 

“We realized that only 30% of the youth from our region complete studies, leaving the rest disadvantaged. This forced us to act,” said Henry Alame.

He added that charity begins at home and that’s why they decided to take this campaign to Lira.

As a way of giving back to society, they mobilized 50 youths from different universities who cleaned up around Lira Central Market and Lira referral hospital. They also engaged in an educative ‘moral talk tea party’ organized by the UCU students.

However, this did not go without challenges. Ambrose said that they were criticized by friends, who kept on saying that their plan was for political reasons.

“In some instances, we had to walk because we did the mobilization during Christmas season when transport fares were exorbitant; for example when we went to present our concept to Parliament, Makerere University and Makerere Business School (MUBS); we had to walk because we did not have sufficient money for transport”

Ambrose appreciated UCU for supporting them with reflector jackets through Allan Galpin Health Centre, as it eased their identification especially at the hospital and the market while cleaning.

He added that the knowledge he acquired from the Jurisprudence course unit in the law course enabled him understand the principle of Ubuntu ethics which deals with community responsiveness.

The team called upon the support of different personnel in the University to speak to the youth on different events that they are yet to organize. 

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