Ten students win the Vice Chancellor Award

By Dalton Mujuni
Ten students who have demonstrated the ability to perform and achieve academically have a reason to smile.

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) Scholarships Committee has recognized and offered them the Vice Chancellor’s Award for the 2019/2020 Academic Year.

The students include; Mugagga Leslie Lubowa, Namirimu Winnie, Nanziri Hajarah and Kanyansi Loy Mirembe from the Faculty of Business and Administration, Nankoma Gloria and Kiplangat Nathan Sikor from the Faculty of Education, Winner Meteta from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mupuya Ronald from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Nakaziba Sandrah Hope and Abraham Mumbere from the UCU School of Medicine and Law Faculty respectively.

Mugagga Leslie Lubowa, Nankoma Gloria Loyce and Mupuya Ronald, each from; second, third and fourth years respectively were the overall best three students.

Each of the first three will be offered awards of full tuition for this current semester whereas the first and second runners up will get 75% and 50% of tuition respectively.

The Manager Communication and Marketing, Mr. Walter Washika, said this award stirs up competitiveness amongst students in academic excellence.

The UCU Vice chancellor, Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi, challenged students to work harder and make it to the awarding list next time. 

He marveled at the best second year student whose name is Mugagga. In Luganda, one of the local dialects, ‘Mugagga’ means a wealthy person and so Dr. Senyonyi equated the meaning to the award Mugagga received and said it is another added blessing.

According to a presentation from Financial Aid Office, the females on the awarding list double the number of males.

UCU motivates its students by awarding the best out of the whole community with what is known as the Annual Vice Chancellors Award. Students who win this award more than once are given special recognition at graduation.

In the past two years, the Faculty of Business and Administration has dominated the award.

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