UCU Save The Mothers donates maternity equipment

By Samuel Tatambuka
UCU Save The Mothers chapter has donated a baby incubator, oxygen machine and penguin suckers to Mukono Health Centre IV and St. Charles Lwanga Hospital in Buikwe District. 

stm storyThis is in support of the fight against high maternal mortality.The equipment was handed over during community outreach by Save The Mothers on June 26, 2019. Dr Miriam G. Mutabazi, the head of Save The Mothers, further mentioned that they donated mattress covers to Mukono Health Centre IV to protect mothers from high risks of infections during child birth.

“The few mattresses available are soaked in blood during child delivery because mothers bleed and that can cause infections for the next mother,” said Mutabazi.

Sister Alex Namaala, the head of labor ward Mukono Health Centre IV, said that Save The Mothers has been supportive to the Hospitalsince the establishment of the partnership.

“Save The Mothers has done a great job to the mothers within Mukono by providing mattress covers and curtains,” said Namaala.

Besides mothers, premature babies in Bwikwe hospital have reasons to hope for tomorrow as Save The Mothers finds solutions to their demands.

According to Dr Sharon Mutesasira the in-charge St. Charles Lwanga Hospital in Bwikwe, there has been a lot of demand due to a large number of deliveries with over 200 children being born monthly, 20 to 30 of which are preterm babies.

“We have had a lot of demand from within and beyond Bwikwe district. We receive around 200 deliveries per month and out of these, 20 to 30 children are premature,” Dr Mutesasira said.

Dr Mutesasira added that before Save The Mothers intervened, the hospital management has been struggling with local methods of incubating the neonatal.

“We are grateful that Save The Mothers has intervened, before, the hospital management was usingcrude methods of incubating the premature. Furthermore, there was no oxygen machine to help in the process of supporting the premature,” she concluded.

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