UCU tips Mukono community on occupational safety

By Innocent Vuga
Uganda Christian University (UCU), in partnership with Mukono Municipality, has held a community outreach to teach people about occupational safety and health among small-scale enterprises (SME)

com outreach smallMr. Vincent Kisenyi, from the Faculty of Business and Administration, said that community outreach is one of UCU’s reasons for existence and so it was a pleasure to partner with government for such an important cause.

“We are a Christian community that cares about people. We feel we have a responsibility to educate the public because if people are unhealthy, they will not be able to get education,” said Kisenyi.

This event was held under the theme; “Creating Sustainable Awareness on Occupational Safety and Health among SMEs in Mukono.”

The UCU students, through skits and drama, taught the community about health tips and innovative business skills.

The Mukono Municipality Mayor, George Fred Kagimu, said UCU is a major player in the education sector in Mukono District and commended it for quality education.

The exercise was organised in partnership with the following ministries: Gender, Labour and Social Development, Finance and Economic Development, and the Office of the Prime Minister.

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