Katikkiro Mayiga speaks highly of UCU

The Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom, Owekitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga has commended Uganda Christian University (UCU) for putting a lot of emphasis on technology and the emerging media.

He urged UCU not to be afraid to try new things and to embrace digital technologies with enthusiasm. He said the emerging media introduces us to the world with a kind of fierceness that can trigger new ideas.

 The Katikkiro was the Chief Guest at UCU’s 8th annual Open Day.

openday small“UCU is simply being smart by embracing technology and innovation because universities are hubs through which people learn and define the future. Almost all the digital technologies that define our lives today were invented in the university dormitories” said Mayiga.

The Katikkiro said most of the jobs as we know them today won’t exist in a few years’ time although emerging technologies will create new ones. He added that it is good UCU is preparing students for this reality.

“I was impressed when I visited the Law Faculty stall. The students have developed a software application which enables access to law books so easy,” he added.

 He thanked UCU for being exemplary and a leader in holistic education, therefore it ought to be a center where new and trending ideas emerge.

“I am very pleased that UCU chose this area as this year’s main theme, which is; The Future of Higher Education in Uganda: The Growing Influence of Digital Technologies and the Emerging Media”

Over 20 Secondary schools attended and Mbarara High School emerged overall winner of School Quiz contest while Gayaza High School came second in the School Essay Contest.

The Department of Engineering and Environment emerged the best exhibitor.

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