UCU urged to tap East Africa opportunities

By Frank Obonyo
The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) has called upon Uganda Christian University (UCU) to participate in its programs so as to benefit from scholarships and many more opportunities.

Alvin Manko Bagaka, the IUCEA Information Management Officer, made the remarks in a meeting with UCU staff in Mukono.

He said that UCU community should take advantage of East Africa University staff exchange program and scholarships available at the agency.

“ We have trained UCU’s quality assurance team and so the collaboration should continue because this is how UCU will ensure that it maintains the required minimum standards of the university at regional level,” said Bagaka.

Professor Levi Obonyo, the Dean School of Communication, Daystar University, encouraged the UCU community to keep seeking for information from IUCEA’s website because it usually has information about scholarships and staff exchange.

Obonyo said that East Africa member states are not only concentrating on political integration but also in areas such as customs and education. He added that UCU is among the 126 universities in EA who are IUCEA members.

UCU’s Marketing and Communication Manager, Walter Washika, thanked IUCEA for the great opportunity it has provided UCU at the regional level.

He said the University would consider taking advantage of services offered by IUCEA to benefit both students and staff.

He encouraged the UCU community to regularly visit IUCEA’s website in search for employment and scholarship opportunities.

In 2009, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) enacted the IUCEA Act 2009, thus effectively integrating IUCEA into the EAC operational framework.

The Act spells out the objectives, functions, institutional setup and systems of governance and management of IUCEA.

According to the Act any university, university college, and degree awarding institution may apply for and get admitted to the IUCEA membership as long as it is properly incorporated in the EAC Partner State where it is operating and is pursuing objectives that are consistent with the functions of IUCEA as spelled out in the Act.

Some of its objectives include; facilitate networking among universities in East Africa, and with universities outside the region, provide a forum for discussion on a wide range of academic and other matters relating to higher education in East Africa, facilitate maintenance of internationally comparable education standards in East Africa so as to promote the region's competitiveness in higher education.

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