DR Congo seeks UCU collaboration

By Emmanuel Okot
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is seeking to partner with Uganda Christian University to enhance institutional collaboration, research and ease admission of Congolese students in the university.

Lemba Mungu Timothee, the Education Officer at the DRC embassy in Kampala approached UCU administration on Thursday, April 24th to ask for partnership.

In a meeting held in the Principal’s Hall at UCU main campus in Mukono, and attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr John Senyonyi, Deputy Vice Chancellor Development and External Relations David Mugawe, Legal Officer John Bahemuka Toa and deans of faculties.

Bahemuka asked the visiting Education officer to avail UCU with their draft memorandum of understanding in order to help it take an informed decision and guide their agreement.

Lemba said the conflict in the Eastern DRC is tense and this will continue forcing school going children to seek education in the neighboring countries especially Uganda, which is the biggest host of Congolese students both in higher learning institution and other levels of education.

“We are coming to seek for this partnership to see how Uganda and the DRC can work together to enhance education,” Lemba said.

Dr John Senyonyi said that there is a good number of international students from across the globe studying in UCU.

He added that UCU is willing to admit more Congolese students and any other international student, but their results have to be equated to Ugandan standard.

“As a Christian university, it’s our mission to reach as many people as possible, there is no objection, we previously had an MOU with Christian Bilingual University of Congo and it would be good if we can build on that to strengthen the relationship.” Senyonyi said.

Mr. Mugawe said that UCU is the first University to set up an international students’ desk and this shows the university’s concern about international students’ affairs.

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