Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September Intake – Full-time Day at Main/Mukono campus

In addition to the other University admission requirements for undergraduate Programmes, one of the following categories will allow admission to this course: • Two principal passes at A’ level obtained at the same sitting;
• A two –year diploma in Library and information Science or a related field from a recognized institution;
• A Pass in mature-age examination – such candidates must be Ugandan nationals of at least 25 years and have formal education. Those who are successful, in both the written and oral examination, are considered for admission.

Three years, including at least a one-semester internship, with maximum of five years to finish

Information is a key resource for personal, organizational, national and international de-velopment. It must therefore be generated, processed, stored, and disseminated. However, because it is a non- dynamic resource, the above activities cannot happen by themselves. Therefore, there must exist a body of information professionals with extensive theory (knowledge) and training (competence and skills) in order to effectively manage this in-formation based on Christian values and principles.

Specific course content includes: information science, collection development & management, communication & technical writing, organization of knowledge, systems analysis & design, database management systems, and management of libraries & information centres, among others.

Career prospects upon completing this degree can be found in the public and private sec-tor, online media, international organizations, government ministries, departments and agencies. Positions include: archives and records manager, children’s librarian, intelligence analyst, electronic resource librarian, information officer, Internet trainer, knowledge management specialist, learning resource center librarian and librarian and media specialist.