Bachelor of Development and Social Entrepreneurship (BDSE)

Minimum Requirement
Program Length
Programme Highlights
Career Propects

Advent/September and Easter/January Intakes – Full-Time Day Main/ Mukono campus, as well as Bishop Barham University College, Mbale, Arua campuses

In addition to regular UCU requirements for all students, the following applies:
• Two Principle Passes from A’ Level or equivalent.

Three years with maximum of five years to complete

Serving those in need is a basic Christian principle. These services in health, sanitation, food safety and more are delivered through non- government, non-profi t and for-profi t entities. Through lectures, course work and real-life, practical experiences, the Bachelor of Development and Social Entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Social Science strives to prepare students to be part of the planning, implementation and evaluation of solutions for the problems of the world and its people. An integral part of this experience is a partnership with the MICAH, a community, civic and health-based transformation project.

Specific topical content in the Programme includes writing and study skills, Old and New Testament, Christian ethics, economic and psychology principles, development theory and practice, research methodology, risk management, strategic planning, entrepreneurship and NGO-development and urban development.

Graduates with this degree are qualified to work with local, regional, national and international public and private organizations, including faith-based, community-based and civil society groups. Positions can involve research, teaching, consulting, policy designing, and evaluating to improve the lives of individuals and communities.