Amponda’s gov’t secures modern litter bins, display screens

By Ivan Tsebeni

The 23rd guild government, headed by Kenneth Amponda Agaba, has procured three modern litter bins and six digital screens. These were installed yesterday at major blocks on the Uganda Christian University (UCU) campus. 

Former guild president, Amponda Kenneth Agaba, who spearheaded the project, says the procurement collectively cost Shs. 20 million, which the guild generated from students’ activity fees. 

The digital screens will aid the circulation of information to students from both the guild leadership and University administration. This, the outgoing guild cabinet believes, will reduce the use of paper posters on notice boards; a practice that used to contribute to littering of the campus when flyers fall off notice boards, to the ground. 

This project has come ahead of the official handover of the 23rd guild Government to the next, due Saturday, 18 December 2021. said Kenneth Agaba, the outgoing guild President of UCU. 

Kenneth Amponda (Right) and some cabinet ministers of the 23rd Guild government inspecting an installed litter bin. Courtesy.

“We are contributing to the university’s dream of turning fully into an e-campus. It will be remembered of us to have added this important milestone,” Amponda said, adding, “ This has been a collective effort of the 23rd guild government. We wanted to make sure the project is executed before we officially hand over power.” 

Talking about the project, the outgoing Guild Prime Minister Denis Kabila said the government has left a legacy that would last for years. “We purchased durable screens and litter bins which will last a very long time as a symbol of our legacy.” He called upon the current guild government to uphold the legacy of the 23 guild government and grow it further. 

The Director of Student Affairs (DOSA), Bridget K. Mugume, extended her gratitude towards Amponda and his cabinet for leading by example “ Amponda has been so consultative and that is why he has achieved a lot in his leadership.  May God reward him.” The DOSA plays an oversight role over the student guild’s activities. 

What students say:

One of the modern litter bins installed on the university campus. Courtesy.

The regime was faced with all negative factors that would have served as perfect excuses for other leaders to not deliver, but Amponda never gave up. The government fought for students to sit for exams even with tuition balances. This stood out for me- Racheal Mwikhoyo – third-year student of Bachelor Nursing Science

It has been a great experience working with him as Deputy Prime minister. I have learned a lot from him. We have achieved a lot as a team- Benjamin Elaku – Fourth-year student of Bachelor of Laws