Faculty of Business and Administration

Faculty of Business & Administration

UCU Faculty of Business and AdministrationThe Faculty of Business and Administration started in 1997 as a department of Business with 36 students on degree course. The Bachelor of Business Administration was the only undergraduate program offered at the time. The faculty has since grown to three departments: Management and Entrepreneurship, Business and Finance & Economics and Statistics departments. The first Head Of Department was Rev. Wolfgang Riedner (1997-2000).

Dr. Joseph Jakisa Owor succeeded Wolfgang as Head Of Department (2001-2003) and later as Dean (2004-2010) when the department status was upgraded to Faculty. Mr. Vincent Kisenyi took over as the Dean in 2010-2014. Currently Dr. Martin M Lwanga is the Dean. The faculty is also headed by Heads of department, Mrs. Elsie M. Nsiyona (Management & Entrepreneurship), Mr. Henry Mugisha (Business & Finance) and Mr. Peter Opio (Economics & Statistics).

Courses in Business and Administration

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Email:  business@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0311

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