June 6, 2023


Government Should Reign in the Growing Misuse of Firearms, UCU Vice Chancellor

Appeal to Government

The Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU), Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, has appealed to the Government ministry and departments responsible for security to step up supervision of private security firms and other personnel who carry firearms, in order to control their misuse. This follows recent incidents where some university students have fallen victim to incidents of wanton gun violence.

The Vice-Chancellor was speaking today at the induction ceremony for the First Year students who have enrolled for various study programmes for the Trinity (May) semester 2023, at UCU.

Advice to students

He warned the students to be careful how they live their lives, not as unwise but as wise (Ephesians 5:15) and mature citizens, and avoid exposing themselves to dangerous situations.

“Be careful as you go about your social lives and observe personal security. Be vigilant at all times and be your brother and sister’s keeper,” he said.

Unfortunately, two innocent UCU students and other citizens have been victims of the recent problem of misuse of firearms in the country.
This public menace needs to be reigned in before it gets out of hand.

Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, UCU Vice Chancellor

He said that the University is continuously improving the campus environment to ensure that it is ambient and safe for all our students so that they achieve the academic excellence they came to pursue at UCU.

Watch the Full Speech below

Students at induction
Deans after induction