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 Spiritual Vitality Core Value Of the Community

 Uganda Christian University is one of the fastest growing Christian Universities in Africa. Her great reputation comes as a result of the centrality of Christ in all aspects. Worship takes a central place in the University and that makes Chaplaincy to be an important department that shapes the life and identity of the University.

Chaplaincy aims at enhancing the Christian values among the various categories of people who join the community. For the unbelievers we seek to draw them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To the believers, we aim at disciplining them for spiritual growth. And to the "mature believers" we equip them for ministry. In all this we purpose to maintain spiritual vitality and the Christian identity of Uganda Christian University.

The Team includes the University Chaplain, two Assistants for both discipleship and Kampala Campus, the Music Director, Sound Technician, with an Assistant and the Administrators.


Vision Statement

To produce mature Christ centered Christians who are Kingdom minded and agents of transforming in the world.


Mission Statement

To provide pastoral care and counselling, lead appropriate worship, evangelize, nurture and equip the saints for ministry anywhere.


Ministry Activities


We provide opportunities for the community to worship God throughout the week. The services are both contemporary and traditional to cater for our diverse community  (Youth and adults from various denominations). The music is a mixture of Hymns, contemporary and traditional songs in the various languages. Our worship is vibrant, educative, uplifting and with inspiring preaching.



There are three different types of fellowships; Regional Fellowships provide for meeting with people from your geographical area or even your tribe. The Departmental fellowships cater for the unique challenges one could face as a Christian practicing that profession. The Joint Fellowships include Hall fellowships, Lunch Hour, Prayer Family and the Main University Fellowship. There are also fellowships for the staff members.


Discipleship / Bible Study

There is a Bible exposition for people to learn the deeper truth of God's word. We have discipleship groups meeting once a week for 1 hour for Bible Study and discussions. The university has a staff member in charge of discipleship to steer clear matters of spiritual growth.


Pastoral Care and Learning

We offer spiritual counselling, the prayer ministry and couunselling for every body freely. Confidentiality is maintained and if the issue is beyond our skills we refer the people to professional counselors.


Music and Drama Ministry

There are a number of choirs, dance and drama groups. These are coordinated by the University Music Director. The groups do ministry on and outside the campus. On weekends, they provide for "clean Christian Entertainment" to the community with an additional opportunity of ministering God's word through music, drama and dance.



The University Mission

Every Academic year in the Advent semester, we have a week of an Evangelistic mission. We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a one to one, meet various groups, have a music Extravaganza, a Sports Gala, a Film show and open air rallies daily throughout the week.


A Retreat on Relationships

A group of students and staff go for a retreat which focuses generally on relations but with a bias on the relationship with the different sex (man/woman). The purpose is to encourage the singles to remain pure until marriage but also to empower them in the area of choices and how to handle dating / courtship. The married are also equiped to have fulfilling marriages and good parenting.


The Missions and Ministry Conference

During the Easter Semester we have a week for the above conference. This conference provides for spiritual nurture and sensitizes the Christians on the need for involvement in mission and ministry. Thepastors / clergy are empowered to do effective ministry. The lay people are encouraged to get involved in God's work of spreading the Kingdom as lay people of of they sense the call to join the ordained ministry.


Leadership Conference

During the Trinity Semester we normally have a leadership conference to discuss issues of leadership and our role as Christians in the communities, the nations and the world. This conference enhances our role of intentional mentoring of leaders who are agents of transformation. We invite speakers who haev great experience in leadership formation and mentoring. This helps our students not to focus at a general view of leadership but one which is Christ centred and Biblical oriented. 





Financial Aid Office (FAO) is a point of first contact between Uganda Christian University and donor organizations. It is responsible for coordinating and managing scholarships at UCU, and ensuring that sponsored students are registered and their assistance is accounted for. FAO works with students, their donors, sponsoring organizations and the university to make certain that the students are registered and their assistance is accounted for.

Types of Scholarships Administered by UCU

Scholarship opportunities listed at UCU include:

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Need based scholarships
  • University Administered Scholarships
  • Externally Sponsored and Administered Awards. 




Awards (Sponsor)

Amount Provided


Administered by:



Vice Chancellor’s Award 


Three levels of award:
Full, three-quarter, and half tuition

  • Best performer, runner up, and second runner up
  • Three awards each for students entering 2nd, 3rd or 4th year  
  • Have strong testimonials and recommendations about their character
  • Have the Highest Grade Point Average in a faculty

UCU Scholarships Committee


Business and  Technology Award


USD 250 annually

  • Academic prowess and economic need
  • Registered 2nd year or 3rd year student in: BEPP, BPLM, BEM, BBA, BBC, BSIT, BASE

UCU Scholarships Committee


Riley Bebe and Jack Scholarship

Tuition Fees and accommodation 

  • Post Graduate in Theology and BCEE students

UCU Scholarships Committee


Claribelle Scholarship Award

  • Bachelor of Arts In Education

UCU Scholarships Committee


Achievement Award 

(UCU Partners)

USD 250  per semester

  • Ugandan, Bachelors students in their first year who have completed one semester
  • Exceptions: 1) Nursing and Divinity programs not eligible due; 2) BBC and BPLM in 1st semester of second year can apply
  • Excelled during the first semester at UCU
  • Maintain minimum GPA of 3.0 (Law) & 3.5 (all others)
  • Christian, Proven to be of good character.

UCU Scholarships Committee


Stanbic bank - UCU Scholarship

Half tuition

  • Undergraduate students, who have completed the first year of study at Uganda Christian University (All Uganda Christian University Campuses)
  • Students with CGPA above 3.5 and without a retake in the first year of their studies.
  • Students who are not on any form of official scholarship either by an individual or an organization.
  • Students who exhibit academic prowess, socio-economic need and are of good character.
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UCU Scholarships Committee/Stanbic Bank



Work and Study Award


UGX. 250,000 per semester

  • Registered student in that semester,
  • Ready to work for 10hours per week during the semester
  • Demonstrate inability or struggle to pay their tuition fees

UCU Scholarships Committee


Save A buddy 


Only a top up of fees up to UGX 200,000 per semester

  • Outstandingly needy
  • Unable to complete fees

SAB Committee


Guild Grant 

(UCU Guild)

Only a top up of fees up to UGX 200,000 per semester

Need and eligibility determined by Student Guild

UCU Student Guild Committee


General Scholarship Fund 

(UCU Partners)


Registered student of the University, offered as funds are available

UCU Scholarship Committee



Anglican Communion/Theology Scholarship 

(UCU and donors)

Tuition and fees for the whole program( 3years)

  • Anglican Candidates recommended by their Bishop and accepted for admission by the University
  • Available for BDIV, MDIV at UCU main campus or BDIV and D. Theology at Bishop Barham University College (BBUC)
  • Age limit is 44 years and below

UCU Scholarships Committee 




Sports Awards 


Varies, combination of tuition, fees, room, meals

  • Recommendation from Sports Department
  • Athletes in Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Netball and Athletics
  • A combination of need and talent as assessed by the individual team coach and the Sports Director

UCU Scholarships Committee


Biological Children and Staff Spouses 


Tuition only for duration of study

Specified in staff handbook

UCU Scholarships Committee


Staff Spouses 


Tuition for first year of study

Specified in staff handbook

UCU Scholarships Committee


Nursing Scholarship

(Westwood Foundation)

Tuition Match top up

  • Must be a Bachelor of Nursing Science student
  • Must not be on any other Kind of scholarship

UCU Scholarships Committee


Save the Mothers Scholarships 

(STM International)

Not a specific amount

Master of Public Health and leadership student

Save the Mothers Program


Uganda Studies Program (USP)

Tuition, Fees, Room, Meals

Registered student of the University

Uganda Studies Program


Vice Chancellor's Award


Effective September semester 2011, the Financial Aid Office is providing a new merit award - the Vice Chancellor's Award (VCA). The major objective of the award is to ignite and nurture the spirit of hard work toward academic excellence, behavioral change and community participation among students. The award period is strictly one year; however the candidates are free to reapply the next year if they still meet the requirements.

The Financial Aid Office will rely on deans and heads to recommend the most excellent students in their respective faculties and departments;

  1. There are nine awards each year: three for Best in each year (receiving full tuition), three for first runners up (receiving ¾ of Tuition) and three for second Runners up (receiving ½ tuition). The latter two are subject to budgetary constraints.
  2. Eligibility is determined based on performance (GPA), character, faith and leadership. Deans and Heads provide this information with help of the University Chaplain and the Director of Student Affairs through filling in recommendation forms.
  3. These scholarships are awarded to full-time students who are pursuing their bachelors' degree and have excellent grades.
  4. This scholarship is only available to students studying at Mukono and Kampala campuses.
  5. This is strictly a merit-based scholarship, not need-based.
  6. The selection process will occur in August of each year and announcement made end of September.For those who are awarded scholarships, credit worth the award will be posted to the students' account that semester and the next semester. Since these are annual the Bursar's Office will be immediately notified of the award and the amount will be credited beginning that semester and continue for the duration of the Academic Year.
  7. The scholarship award begins with the first semester of the students' second, third and fourth year of study. It lasts one year, however students may receive successive awards.
  8. Students who win the Vice Chancellor's Award for at least two times during their tenure of study at Uganda Christian University shall be eligible for extra recognition at Graduation.
  9. The scholarship will be revoked by the Scholarships Committee at any time if the student is found guilty of violating the Code of Conduct.


Uganda Christian University

Financial Aid Office

P.O. Box 4, Mukono – Uganda

Tel. +256 312 350 800

Email: scholarships@ucu.ac.ug, ucuscholarships@gmail.com

UCU Landlines: 0312-350-800 

Fax: 0414-290-800 


Security: 0800-200-140 

Allan Galpin Health Centre: 0800-200-141 

Police Post: 0800-200-142 

Counselling: 0800-202-800 

Kampala Campus: 0312-202-800 / 0312-202-801 


Note: You can call any 8XX extension directly from any Landline or Mobile just dial 0312-350-8XX

Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Undergraduate students, who have completed the first year of study at Uganda Christian University (All Uganda Christian University Campuses)
  2. Students with CGPA above 3.5 and without a retake in the first year of their studies.
  3. Students who are not on any form of official scholarship either by an individual or an organization.
  4. Students who exhibit academic prowess, socio-economic need and are of good character.
This scholarship is partial, successful candidates will be expected to source other sources of funding to meet the extra costs of tuition and other fees not covered by the scholarship.

Application procedure

  1. Download the application form from our website here
  2. Save the form then fill it comprehensively
  3. Save the filled form and submit it online to stanbicscholarship@ucu.ac.ug

Applications are due not later than 31st October 2016 at 5:00pm.

Decisions will be made by the UCU/Stanbic Bank Scholarships' sub-committee by 30th September, 2016. Successful applicants will be shortlisted for interviews.


Uganda Christian University

Financial Aid Office

P.O. Box 4, Mukono – Uganda

Tel. +256 312 350 800

Email: scholarships@ucu.ac.ug, ucuscholarships@gmail.com

The goal of counselling services is to provide an atmosphere where healing for the whole person can take place be it relational, spiritual, emotional or psychological.

Counselling services are available to all in the UCU community through the Counselling Services Department. Individual and family counselling is available for students and staff members. The Counselling services department also trains dozens of staff and students each semester to be para-counsellors; carrying out special workshops for singles, married couples as well as parents.

Going to university is for many the beginning of a career path to new dreams and hopes. And that is why the University Counselling Service is there for you; to walk with you. It is not about problems. It is about life; about you.

The Counselling Department presently has two full-time counsellors:

Joseph Musaalo
Rita Zawedde

The Counselling Office is situated between the Allan Galpin Clinic and the computer labsbehind the Maari block. They are open between 9:00am and 5:00pm every week-day with a one hour break for lunch: 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

The office also trains several peer counsellors every year to meet the growing need for counselling support. These are students who live in the halls of residence both on and off campus. They are available and easily accessible by the student body most of the day.

Services available to students and staff through the counselling services: 

  1. Public discussion on topics of concern to students and staff
  2. Individual Counselling - Counseling office is accessible with or without appointment
  3. Training in Peer Counseling
  4. Counselling Library stocked with resources on various counselling issues: Relationships, managing various disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, family and marriage issues and much more.
  5. Various workshops and seminars for staff and students




Joseph Musaalo
University Counsellor
Univ. Email: counseling@ucu.ac.ag
Mobile: 078 226 1359
Internal telephone extension: 849 

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P.O. Box 4, Mukono, Uganda

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