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[Abstract] Materials Development: Creating Opportunities for Creative Writing and Creative Reading
Dr. Cornelius Wambi Gulere
The involvement of universities, teacher training colleges and libraries in content creation is critical in materials development.
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The contribution of the African Storybook initiative to content development for multilingual literacy development in Africa
Dorcas Wepukhulu, Dr, John Ng'asike, Dr. Cornelius Wambi Gulere and Tessa Welch
It is an African initiative by African people, and almost all of the storybooks are written by the African communities that use the storybooks.
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Riddling, Agriculture and Food Security
Dr. Cornelius Wambi Gulere
Riddling builds on contextual clues thus making society the source of its own progress / innovation.
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Language, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Vulnerable Populations
Dr. Cornelius Wambi Gulere
Cultures that use indirect language today face the challenge of being misunderstood. Indirection is often associated with lack of self-esteem, zeal, truthfulness and sincerity.
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Why are languages missing from the Sustainable Development Goals?
Wine Tesseur, Dr. Cornelius Wambi Gulere
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to put the most vulnerable populations first and to leave no one behind. This implies communicating in a multiplicity of languages

A Report for a Biology & Chemistry Primer for Undergraduate Students (ABACUS-1)
Rodgers Tayebwa, Dr. Eleanor Wozei & Team
The project builds on in house University capacity which has produced excellent course materials, including textbooks and workbooks for Undergraduate Students
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The Integration of Community Engagement and Outreach into Teaching and Learning, Research and Service at MUK, UCU and UMU in Uganda
Dr. Benon Musinguzi, Prof. Mary Ssonko & Team
This study was conducted to with the main objective being establishing the integration of CE&O into teaching and Learning, Research and Service at MUK, UCU and UMU universities in Uganda.
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Developing an ICT Inter - University Faculty Reference (IUFR) Tool for managing work load and Research Activities in Public and Private Universities of Uganda
Dr. Dan Ayebale, Justine Nakalawa Mukholi & Joshua Mwesigye
Like any other sector moonlighting (multiple job holding) is common among academicians in both the public and private universities of Uganda.
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Analysis of Access to Financial Credit by Farming Households in Uganda: Evidence Finscope Data 2013
Sebaggala Richard, Kawuki  & Nantongo Monicah
The agriculture sector that employs the majority and a source of livelihood for over three quarters of the population has growth and productivity challenges.
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Innovative Teaching Methodologies in Higher Education for Targeted Solutions
Jackline A. Bwire
Every year Ugandan universities train thousands of graduates, yet the unemployment rate has remained high and the challenges faced by children are sky rocketing.
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 More Research


Exploring the Environmental Viability of Integrated Sanitation Systems for Uganda Christian University.
Agunyo, M.F., J. Born, E. Wozei, B. Moeller (2017)
12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems (SDEWES), Dubrovnik, Croatia, October 4-8, 2017.

Use of Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) as a sludge stabilizer to enhance its fast drying and pathogen removal.
Gava, J.S.P., D. Kaijukyo, T. Byamukama (2017).
UNESCO-Africa Engineering Week, Africa Engineering Conference, Kigali, Rwanda, September 25-27, 2017.

Management structure as a factor of performance of Solid Waste Management projects in African municipalities: A case of Bushenyi - Ishaka Municipality, Western Uganda.
Okurut, K., M. Nuwamanya, J. Isoke, E. Wozei (2017).
UNESCO-Africa Engineering Week, Africa Engineering Conference, Kigali, Rwanda, September 25-27, 2017.

Water quality assessment of Lwajjali Stream.
Tayebwa, R., K. Okurut, E. Wozei (2016).
12th MUST Annual Research Dissemination Conference, Mbarara, Uganda, November 2, 2016.

History and Theology of the Ecumenical Movement in East Africa
Christopher Byaruhanga (Prof.)
Exchange Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research
Fountain Publishers Ltd.

Introduction to Political Science. An African Perspective
Mesharch Katusiime (Ph.D)
Fountain Publishers Ltd.

Missionary of Reconciliation: The role of the Doctrine of Reconciliation in the Preaching of Festo Kivengere 1971-1988
Alfred Olwa (Ph.D)
Langham Monographs, Carlisle, Cumbria: 2013

The Impact of HIV/AIDS in Uganda
Benon Musinguzi (Ph.D)
Fountain Publishers Ltd (final stages)

Building a great future – The Legacy of Bishop Tucker Theological College
Olivia Banja Nassaka (Ph.D)
Fountain Publishers Ltd

Integrating Faith and Work: A Ministry Transformational Model
Elly Kansiime (Ph.D)

Antecedents and Outcomes of Employee Engagement in Ugandan Firms
Joseph Owor (Ph.D)
Designer’s nest Ltd

Family Business in Uganda: How to pass on your Business from First to Fourth Generation!
Martin Lwanga
Fountain Publishers Ltd (Final stages)

Pentecostalism in Uganda and Tanzania: A Historical and Theological Perspective, in Global Renewal Christianity: Spirit-Empowered Movements: Past, Present and Future, Volume 3
Alfred Olwa (Ph.D)
Charisma House, Lake Mary: Florida, 2016

An investigation of the relationship between parental mediation of adolescent media use and Ugandan adolescents’ sexual beliefs, attitudes and behavior.
Miller, A. N., Gabolya, C., Mulwanya, R., Nabasaaka, G., Kiva, J., Nalugya, E., Lagot, S., & Chibita, M. B. (2016)
Howard Journal of Communications.
(Accepted. Letter attached as Appendix 2).

The Association between Ugandan adolescents’ viewing of specific television genres and their sex-related normative beliefs and behaviors.
Miller, A. N.*, Lagot, S., Gabolya, C., Nabasaaka, G., Mulwanya, R., Kiva, J., Nalugya, E., & Chibita, M. B. (2016)
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research.

Ugandan adolescents’ sources, interpretation, and evaluation of sexual content in entertainment media programming.
Miller, A. N.,* Kiyingi, E., Gabolya, C., Lagot, S., Mulwanya, R., Kiva, J., Nabasaake, G., & Chibita, M. B. (2016).
Sex Education, 16:707-720.

Language policy in Uganda and Tanzania: public sphere or public sphericules?
Chibita M.B. and Mfaume, N. 2012.
Mawazo: The Journal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 10(3): 236-256.

Preliminary Investigation into measurement of health-related media and information literacy among Ugandan and Kenyan high school students.
Miller, A. N., Booker, N, & Chibita M.B., Napakol, A, (2017).
Accepted for Publication by African Journal of Communication

Social Media Regulation in Africa, in Pieter J. Fourie (Ed.). 2017.
Chibita, M. B. and Ugangu, W.  2017
Media Studies: Social (new) Media and Mediated Communication Today.  Volume IV.
Cape Town: JUTA.(Media Theory textbook chapter).

“Indigenous language media and freedom of expression in Uganda,”  in Abiodun Salawu and Monica B. Chibita (eds). 2015.
Chibita, M. B. 2015.
Indigenous language media, language politics and democracy in Africa.
London: Palgrave: 28-56.

“Introduction: language, structure and agency: optimisng media diversity in Africa  using the indigenous languages,” in Abiodun Salawu and Monica B. Chibita (eds)
Chibita M.B. and Salawu, A. 2015.
Indigenous language media, language politics and democracy in Africa.
London: Palgrave: 1-9.

“Multiple publics, multiple languages: Radio and the contestations of broadcasting language policy in Uganda,” in Liz Gunner, Dina Ligaga, and Dumisani Moyo (eds). 2012.
Chibita M. B. 2012.
Radio in Africa: Cultures, publics, communities.
Johannesberg: Wits University Press. Pp.27-285

Indigenous language media, language politics and democracy in Africa.
Salawu, A. and Chibita, Monica B. (eds.). 2015.
London: Palgrave.

National Electronic Media Performance Study (II). (A report of the Uganda Communications Commission).
Chibita M.B. and Kibombo. R. 2014.
See Here

Under review

Private Higher Education in Uganda: Implications on Knowledge Generation and Research
Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo (Prof.)

Environmental Procedural Rights in Africa with Specific Reference to Uganda
Peter Mutesasira

Attitude to ICT, Competence, and use pattern of University Lecturers in Uganda
Richard Sebaggala

Professional Development and the Contribution of Employment Industry
Sam Opol (Ph.D)

Evaluation of mitigation measures against child drop out from the Universal Primary Education Programme in Uganda: A perspective from the local governments.
Isaac Katono

The use of gas for domestic cooking in Uganda
Frederick Kakembo (Ph.D)

Integration of Teaching, Research and Community Service through Institutionalization of Community Engagement and Outreach in Ugandan Universities
Benon Musinguzi (Ph.D)

Women Integration of Family Tasks with Career. Case study of formal Institutions in Mukono Municipality
Betty Enyipu Akurut

Culture, Traditions And Maternal Health: A Community Approach Towards Improved Maternal Health, Kotido District
Mary Ssonko Nabacwa (Ph.D)

Road Safety Training and Willingness to Pay to Reduce Fatality and Injury from Motorcycle Accidents in Uganda
Richard Sebaggala

Bed Diplomacy: A Strategy for Preemptive Violence Prevention in Uganda
Andrew David Omona (Ph.D)

Neo-Religious Elements in Ugandan Politics
Sam Opol (Ph.D)

Where there’s a will there’s a way: Mobile Health Sharing
Richard Sembatya (Ph.D)



The Church, Civic Responsibility and Governance: Understanding and Guiding Uganda Through Political Processes.
Peter Ubomba-Jaswa (Ph.D)

Work Place Breastfeeding Facility and Work Performance among Lactating Mothers in Employment Institutions: A Case Of Uganda Christian University
Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo (Prof.)

Monitoring and Evaluation Project for MBFHI Toll Free Lines
Dr. Jean Chamberlain

Prevalence of substance use, abuse and initiation among university students.
Gooreka Okahaabwa (Psy.D)

Family- School Sanitation and Hygiene Collaborative Model for Primary School Pupils.  Case Study: Seeta Nazigo Primary School Pupils.
Andrew David Omona (Ph.D)

Substance Abuse and Addiction among Teenagers: A Study of three Addictee Teenagers and the Affected Families’ Struggle to break the Stronghold
Andrew David Omona (Ph.D)

Menstrual Hygiene Knowledge and Practices among Adolescents in Namutumba District
Zachariah Mulawa


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