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Department Staff

  1. Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo, Prof - Dean

  2. Peter Ubomba-Jaswa, PhD – Head of Grants, Research & Publications Unit

  3. Mr. Joseph Owor - Head of Graduate Studies Unit

  4. Mr. Richard Sebaggala - Head of Oil and Gas Institute Unit

  5. Dr. Dickson Kanakulya- Senior Research Fellow (APC)

  6. Mr. Hamilton Mbokureeba – Research Assistant

  7. Ms. Justine Nakanjako - Office Attendant

  8. Mr. Julius Magumba - Driver


Committees Spearheading the School’s work

The School has several activities being undertaken under its umbrella. These activities are spearheaded by the following committees:-

  1. Research Management Committee- Chaired by the Vice Chancellor

  2. Graduate Board – Chaired by the Dean, SRPGS

  3. Staff Development Committee - Chaired by Dean, SRPGS


Sub Committees, Institutes and their Chairs:-

  1. Research Forum – Where research output is shared (seminars)- Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo, Prof

  2. Dissertation Abstract Committee – Responsible for transforming postgraduate dissertations into abstracts - Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo, Prof

  3. Research Monitoring Committee – Responsible for research progress monitoring – Peter Ubomba-Jaswa, PhD

  4. Ethics Review Board (IRB) – Responsible for ethical clearances for researches involving humanities as participants – Ag. Chairperson, Dr. Ekiria Mudido Kikule

  5. Research Bulletin – Peter Ubomba-Jaswa, PhD

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