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Uganda Christian University Faculty of Science and Technology in partnershiph with Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (Ru-FORUM) and MasterCard has launched the Venture Hub (V-Hub) Project.

V-Hub Project is promoting innovative ideas and scaling out of intern student’s innovations through value addition. To increase crop commercialization based on agricultural production, processing, packaging, standardization and services for regional and national markets.

Venture Hub Project objectives are in line with MCF@RUFORUM-Entrepreneurship Challenge Programme (RECAP) aim of seeking to develop supportive environment where innovative agribusiness technologies and startups are nurtured for growth.

Objectives are to;

  1. Select at least 4 groups of students each with viable innovative agribusiness ventures for financing
  2. Establish 2 incubation enterprises and bring to market at least 5 priorities Venture Hub products
  3. Build capacity of intern students, lecturers and farmers at the agribusiness incubation centres

Expected outputs by 2020

  • 4 groups of students with at least 2-5 members with an idea supported
  • 2 incubation enterprises on seed, chicken packaging and coffee roasting established
  • 5 University lecturers, 20 intern students and 100 farmers trained
  • 5 priority venture Hub Products sold on the market
  • 1 Vega. Point Shop linked to a supermarket (s)

The call for student’s innovative agribusiness ideas along agricultural value chain will be open in 1st September 2018 and close 20th September, 2018 under the Faculty of Science & Technology.

See poster for details


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